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Random Thoughts On A Saturday Morning In The Country

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hillside.jpgIt's a beautiful morning in the country here. I bought a house in Orange County, New York last year, something I never thought I could accomplish, but here I am and the golden sunlight on my wild hillside is once more feeding my soul.

Of course, one is never satisfied, and I'm filled with anxiety as usual, about my summer Psychology and the Law course, the hundred emails I have to get through, my to do list unlooked at for a week, posting on Bilerico, and wondering when my friend Mallory will get here so we can get the kayaks over to the lake.

But the golden sunshine and the wild greenery push back the craziness of modern life. This hillside has been here on the Ramapo Mountains for a thousand years, and it's not worried about emails or to do lists or politics.

I sometimes wish I could be the same, but I'm not a hillside. Truth be told, I do care. I care about politics, I care about people, about my friends, my students. Perhaps too much, but if I didn't, I wouldn't be me. It would be good to remember that Gmail, to do lists and politics don't care about me. Perhaps I'm sort of a gardener of Gmail, to do lists and politics. I tend them, to the best of my ability, but sometimes the weeds get beyond me, and that's okay. There's too much information washing around these days to ever really keep on top of it.

There's always tomorrow.

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Behind the Gmail, to do lists, and politics are people. I'd be willing to bet that they care about you. The items you mention are only a finger pointing at the moon. Tomorrow may come, but what you have for sure is the present moment. Enjoy your present moment in the country.

As enormous as the cyberworld has become, the continent most vast, most brimming with riches untold, is the one human soul that you have been given -- and it always will be.

You now know me enough to know I worry about the politics and I always have a ton of things on my community ta-do list, But, yesterday, Darlene and I drove 90 miles south of our home to Hudson Orchards in Manchester, GA.

We came back with 3.25 pounds of blueberries, 25 lbs of tomatoes and 77 lbs of peaches. We processed the tomatoes and frozen them to later make salsa. The peaches are ripening in paper bags for us to later can them and make peach jelly. We'll be canning the blueberries today, along with about 4 lbs of blackberries we had already picked.

A love for the things around you and the people close to you are always more important then your community to-do list, or your Bilerico responsibilities. But, as you know, what you need to do for your job keeps you in that new house, so you have to take time for that.

You had a beautiful moment here for releasing frustrations on a very public forum. A chance to release is always good. You will do the things you need to do and you will get all those things done, because that is the kind of person you have become. And, those of us who can call you friend celebrate that.

Sometimes you need to take a break from it all. Politics, emails, and work to do will still be there long after we're all gone. Enjoy your home and your time in the country. I just took a couple of days away from it in rural Iowa and posted the pics to my facebook page yesterday can't wait to do it again.

Oh, how I love sitting on your porch in the mornings and drinking coffee and watching the chipmunks run around your hill.