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The Gay Naked Therapist

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Would you go to a naked therapist?

From a press release sent to the site: is pleased to announce that Randy Hastings, the world's first gay male Naked Therapist-in-Training, has joined her practice. Randy, who is based in Los Angeles, is now offering Naked Therapy sessions, both via webcam and in-person. Naked Therapy is a form of talk therapy that integrates client arousal into the therapeutic context in order to facilitate deeper insights and discussions. This arousal is facilitated by the Naked Therapist in a number of ways, though it usually involves the therapist getting naked.

As a Naked-Therapist-in-Training, Randy will undergo the same training process as other Naked Therapists in Ms. White's practice. This process includes a reading syllabus of core psychotherapeutic texts, response papers (done as blog posts), weekly update reports, consultations with Ms. White, and session transcript reviews. Once the training is completed - generally within a year - Randy will be licensed in Naked Therapy and join the practice as a Naked Therapist.

According to Randy, he became interested in studying and practicing Naked Therapy as a result of his past experiences: "I am very interested in psychology, and have been in therapy at a couple of different junctures in my own life. I always found therapy productive and insightful because I was willing to bare it all. Now, as a therapist, I hope to do the same thing in order to encourage my clients to feel more comfortable with themselves."
One of the core principles of Naked Therapy is based on the assertion that in our sex-saturated Internet world, traditional therapy methods are irrelevant. With so many sexual opportunities, people more and more need to learn to integrate their rational selves with their aroused selves so they don't engage in self-destructive and uncontrollable acts of "arousal frenzy."

But Naked Therapy is a form of therapy that is made to deal with any of the problems regular therapy deals with. "Just like in traditional therapy, we talk about the client, his issues, his worries, his concerns, and we work together to make him happier and more self-realized. Only difference is, there's nakedness involved, and this means arousal, and Naked Therapy sees that as a good thing. We need to be comfortable being aroused, and we need to practice make that arousal experience a valuable and insightful, not a banal and degrading, one."

I'm curious to know about the other ways "arousal is facilitated." At least you can go and expect a happy ending.

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I'm very doubtful. Some hustlers claim to be "escorts" ... and some hustlers claim to be "therapists" ...

This is proof positive that you can find ANYTHING in Los Angeles -- if you have enough money.

P.S. OTOH, in my book even prostitution is honest work, and if I won $250M in the California Lottery I wouldn't say I'd never go see this guy ...

If he accepts Medicare, I'd give him a whirl ...

Interesting. But I don't see what him being gay has to do with his work as a therapist. Is it that he specializes in working with gay and bi men as clients? What about female potential clients who want to talk to a naked male therapist? It seems to me that, if he was equal-opportunity, he would have more business...

WOW! It never ceases to amaze me how much denial there is in the gay male community about our need to get comfortable with our sex and sexuality, despite the best efforts of Body Electric, Sex Magic, and other similar groups.

I have led numerous "Masturbation as Meditation" groups at various men's gatherings, and the participants almost universally say they benefit tremendously from honoring their self-pleasuring and ecstacy in a spiritual environment in the company of other men. In my opinion, orgasm is a spiritual, as well as a physical, experience, and we are most connected to the Source of life and all that is at the moment of orgasm.

Although masturbation is an almost universal sexual practice, it is still a subject about which a huge percentage of the population feel most uncomfortable. In my experience, until gay men honor the spiritual nature of our sex and sexuality, we will continue to experience the negative effects of internalized homophobia.

Anyone who would like to discuss this further is welcome to email me directly.

Jim Toevs