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Tim Pawlenty Touts Christian Cred

Filed By Bil Browning | July 18, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Check out this six and a half minute video that GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty just put out called "Aspirations of a President." He's obviously trying to give Michelle Bachmann a run for her money with the Iowa religious right. He touches on his evangelical faith, abortion, and marriage equality.

Who do you think is going to walk away with the Iowa nomination? My money is still on Bachmann.

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Rick Elliott | July 19, 2011 3:30 PM

The film makes one glaring error--concerning separation of church and state. That was put in there for the opposite reason the Pawlenty's assert--it was to protect the state from the Church--to prohibit state-backed church. As an example for a long time--and maybe still--we didn't recognize the Vatican State. We've had no embassy, no ambassador to the Vatican.
The Supreme Court decision about prayer in school does NOT remove God from school, but prevents denominational-specific prayers in school--ones that emphasize a specific dogma. In high school I offered to do the devotionals that came over the loudspeaker every morning. I thought the readings being used were drivel. I showed up and wasn't allowed to use the material I'd prepared with the help of my minister and my Dad. The only material that could be used was some offbeat revivalistic group. The Supreme Court decision was designed to prohibit the behavior used by my school's authorities in my high school.
Oh! God never left the schools and humans don't have the power to banish God