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Anti-Gay Politicians On Parade at Montreal Pride

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MontrealBachmann.jpegAt Sunday's Pride Parade in Montréal, CQGL - the Conseil Québécois des Gais et Lesbiennes (Québéc Council of Gays and Lesbians) - decided to use their public platform during the parade to showcase anti-gay statements from some of the most prominent anti-gay politicians in the world.

The campaign featured 8 politicians, including two from Canada, one from Turkey, one from France, one from Italy, and the United States' very own Michele Bachmann. Each public figure had their image, name, and position featured on a placard, festooned with the rainbow flag, and an anti-gay quote directly beneath their face.

The quote on Bachmann's card reads, "Gays are part of Satan's plans."

Other featured homophobes include Maurice Vellacott, the Conservative Member of Parliament in Canada; Alessandra Mussolini, a member of the European Parliament for Central Italy (and the granddaughter of the famed Italian dictator); Christine Boutin, a French presidential candidate; and Selma Aliye Kavaf, Turkey's minister of women and family affairs.

www.alterheros-1.jpeg2B Magazine Online has more:

The placards serve as a warning that political personalities who want to turn back the civil rights clock are more and more influential than it is possible to imagine. Steve Foster, President and director of the CQGL, adds that while Pride is a great time to celebrate our differences, it's also important to recognize that almost half the world's LGBT population have no civil rights, and that we have to keep a watch on the homophobes here at home.

So, what do you think, Projectors? What other politicians from the United States would have felt right at home on CQGL's roster of anti-gay leaders? Sound off below!

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