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Anti-LGBT Professor Protests LGBT-Friendly Churches List

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The Wilmington campus at the University of North Carolina is coming under fire for suggesting religious affiliations for its students after its campus LGBT center began distributing a list of the area's LGBT-friendly churches to students and faculty.

The LGBT center - officially called the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex & Allied Students, Faculty, & Alumni Office" - began distributing the list last month. The list features local businesses, health centers, and non-profit organizations that are also LGBT-friendly.

One professor on the UNCW campus - criminology professor Mike Adams - is leading the charge against the list, arguing that no public institution like UNC should be recommending to students where they should go to church.

"It's just amazing," Adams said. "It appears to me to be the height of not just silliness, but government waste. ... If I were to stand up and start recommending churches in the classroom, that would be a serious problem."

Adams' argument sounds like a simple case of commitment to uphold the separation of church and state. But then, when you take a look at the editorial he wrote in favor of dismantling the LGBTQIA Office's goal of providing LGBT students with safe spaces to go in Wilmington, it's clear that Adams' perspective is based in anti-LGBT sentiments.

UNCW.jpgIn his editorial, Adams listed the five churches that the LGBTQIA Office deemed LGBT-friendly. He lists the location and information for each of the churches and then opines about them.

Here are his thoughts on the Church of the Servant:

"I think Church of the Servant is a pretty bad name for a gay-friendly church. What about Church of the Master? I mean, what if a gay couple is into all those games of dominance and submission? Shouldn't a truly diverse congregation serve both the dominant and submissive partner?"

And on the Lutheran Church of Reconciliation:

"This is good news for Michele Bachmann - the candidate I support for president. If this church really is open to Ls, Bs, Gs, Ts, Qs, Is, and As then, surely, they will welcome ex gays (Xs), too. And if they welcome ex gays they cannot exclude someone just because they think it's possible to become an ex gay. I think the Bachmanns have found a new path to reconciliation within the Lutheran Church!"

And, to conclude everything, his final opinion about the list, which is hardly an argument about the separation of church and state:

"Even they must admit that the University of North Carolina at Wilmington LGBTQIA Office would never be willing to take the time to come up with a list of churches for people who want to hear the two most important truths about homosexuality:

1) It is unequivocally sinful according to both the Old and New Testaments ... and 2) God wants you to avoid homosexuality because He loves you and He knows it will hurt you badly, not to mention end your life prematurely. That is why God gave you free will instead of a gay gene."

A complete lack of respect for the LGBT community shouldn't be hidden behind arguments about the separation of church and state.

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Mike Adams is a vocal "ex-atheist" conservative commentator, and Fox fabricated this controversy by highlighting this fringe professor's homophobic rant.

Naturally he'd have no issue if the center were to provide a list of homophobic congregations. It's really tough to assert separation of church and state while simultaneously including one's own interpretation of the bible.

When he calls for the University to stop any and all religiously oriented activities and studies, disband its religious studies department, and defund any Centers (as exist on the Chapel Hill campus) devoted to religion, then maybe he'll have some kind of point. But good grief, his own campus website even has a section since 2001, called "CHURCHES!", that tells people how to find "great" Protestant and Catholic congregations: And there's a church that promotes itself as being ON the Wilmington campus, and it along with several other Christian student organizations, are listed on the official UNCW website.

The more hateful the communication, the more fearful the one who communicates. Why is this "professor" so afraid? What's his fears?

Scratch a homophobe, find a closet case. It's almost guaranteed.

Adams is a "columnist" for Town Hall and an all purpose crank. His reoccurring theme is how, he, as white, heterosexual, Christian, male is forever being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. His humor and discourse were both finely honed in the 8th grade.

He's frequently pulling some stunt to draw attention to himself and tick off his employer and outfits like Fox, WorldNetDaily, Free Republic and are glad to play along and TownHall is happy to get a few more hits.

That an LBGT campus group at a public college can't provide a list of affirming churches available to those who seek such a thing without it being a violation of church state separation is just flakey.

It's quite revealing to this man's character (and I use both words with a great deal of sarcasm) that he goes straight for the crotch when bad-mouthing a church: "...I mean, what if a gay couple is into all those games of dominance and submission? Shouldn't a truly diverse congregation serve both the dominant and submissive partner?"

Any intelligent person reading that screed would immediately dismiss Adams as juvenile - but then, intelligence isn't a factor anymore is it. We are a society that glorifies ignorance, greed, self-absorption and lies. Doubt me? The explain the success of Fox and Jersey Shore. Sadly, this Adams creature is but one more of that ilk and our mass media culture gives his flapping mouth free rein.

Oops! Sorry - I typo'd the command to end the italics... and me a network administrator. grrrrrrr! Need more coffee.