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Bachmann Goes To Anti-Gay Church

Filed By Jos Truitt | August 08, 2011 3:30 PM | comments

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michele-bachmann-husband-marcus-clinic-took-421000-thousands-dollars-medicade-funds-farm-subsidies-lie-hypocrite-stupid-minnesota-republican-rep-house-president-2012-crazy-christian-bigot.jpgRemember all the controversy around an out of context quote from then-candidate Barack Obama's pastor? Think we'll get just as much media attention on the anti-gay sermon at a church Michele Bachmann attended yesterday?

Bachmann participated in the service at Point of Grace Church in Iowa with her husband Marcus - the guy with the fetish for "disciplining" gay "barbarians." She spoke to the congregation and read a bible passage.

Then Pastor Jeff Mullen launched into a half hour sermon, which included this gem:

"We inherently know that homosexual behavior is immoral and unnatural."

"God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness," Mullen said, reading from the book of Romans.

The sermon concluded with a video testimonial from a man claiming to be ex-gay, drawing yet another link between the Bachmann's and the notion homosexuality can be "cured."

Bachmann left a church with anti-Catholic views shortly before beginning her presidential campaign. But her campaign released a statement about her attendance at yesterday's service that showed no hints of an attempt to distance herself from anti-gay and ex-gay messages. Which doesn't come as much of a surprise, since Bachmann's running on anti-gay hate.

It's disgusting to see a presidential candidate advocate for bigotry, and it's sad to see churches that still promote hatred toward other people. With Bachmann, we've got someone committed to homophobic politics and to claiming legitimacy for her bigotry because of her religion. Which to my mind is an affront to all queer people and all decent people of faith who don't want their beliefs used to harm others.

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Yeah. Michele and her homo husband went to an anti-Gay church. Did anyone really think they'd go to a Metropolitan Community Church where Gays are accepted and loved and supported and cared for? No. Wild Eyes is running on a campaign of hate and divisiveness. Nothing new for Repugs.

Amen. This is clearly a double standard as you point out. Obama was forced to leave his liberal church because of out-of-context statements from a former pastor. Bachmann gets a pass from the mainstream media despite participating in Fundamentalist anti-Christian churches that exclude gay families and individuals.

Gah...Bachmann....I cant stand her.

While there is no "cure" for homosexuality, there is one for ignorance.

"We INHERENTLY (my emphasis) know that homosexual behavior is immoral and unnatural." Does that mean that Pastor Jeff Mullen thinks his bigotry is a genetically based, immutable, so to speak, characteristic? Or, is his bigotry a cultural/environmental inheritance, perhaps caused by an overbearing, neurotic mother and authoritarian, distant father... something?

twinkie1cat | August 10, 2011 3:39 PM

There they are, Bachmann and the pastor with their hands over their hearts trying their best to equate patriotism and Christianity with hate for those who are not white and straight. God will get them. They will be in shock when their "mansion" in heaven is a shack behind the fabulous home of a Christian gay activist. Once more I am going to say this. Don't equate the attitude of this woman with how Christians think, act, or live. Jesus is not happy with Michelle Bachmann. You can be a conservative without being a bigot.

Michele Bachmann.. Homosexuality does not need to be cured. It is not a sin if God made them that way. See for yourself at