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CNN's Don Lemon on Transgender Exclusion

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | August 24, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"When I say 'gay' I mean everybody, because I can't get the letters right all the time...we should not get so hung up on letters, because I think we all are on the same thing, because if I don't say LGBTQ, that doesn't mean I don't support you, I mean, come on, really."

--CNN Anchor Don Lemon, at the NAACP's LGBT town hall meeting on July 25, when challenged by transsexual activist Ashley Love about the exclusion of transsexual and transgender people.

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Laurie Edwards | August 24, 2011 7:59 AM

Lemon's right. He's out, and he's proud, and he's working for acceptance and respect for all of us. Give him a break--we don't have so many honest-to-goodness champions that we can afford to shovel shit over those who truly identify with us.

@Laurie...Nope, just can't buy into this same old meme. We have been thrown under the bus too many times!

I think we're very lucky both to have someone as careful and confident as Ashley Love, and someone as well known as Don Lemon. They're both assets to our community.

Excluding T because your own letter fills up your whole field of vision? That isn't good.

Using "gay" as shorthand because what you see first is the common humanity among all the letters? That's beautiful.

Is that why we still don't have the most basic federal civil rights protections that lesbians and gay people now enjoy? They meant us, 4 letters is just 2 too many and it gets so confusing, so we'll just call everybody gay. Nice try sir. That was a load of BS he shoveled when he was caught ignoring us and I applaud Ms. Love for calling him and the NAACP on it. We need more like her. Trans rights need to stop being used as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of gay and lesbian mainstreaming. It seems like so far we've only been used in rights bills as a concession...someone to drop at the bargaining table and that needs to stop. /rant

The one commentor is right. It's great to have both Mr. Lemon and Ms. Love on our team. However, Don Lemon slipped up and he should own it instead of creating "spin" like the politicians he is used to covering. I mean, really!? Mr. Lemon is a professional speaker, journalist, presumably educated. He didn't say Trans because he can't get the letters straight? Say it with me.....B.S.!! And no, we're NOT all Gay,, so you can't use that as an umbrella term. When we standup and speak up,like this, people think we're being Bitchy or too militant. But, it's a fact. We don't have the same basic Civil Rights as Gays and Lesbians do. We(most of us)don't mind riding along on the LGB and T bus (the letters aren't soo hard, are they)How about the rest of you give us 5 or 10 minutes of your time and work for ENDA? I wonder if Mr. Lemon knows what those letters mean!?

Laurie Edwards | August 25, 2011 7:46 AM

--ENDA? I wonder if Mr. Lemon knows what those letters mean!?--

If he does, he's one up on me.

I don't know what to say here. I use "gay" to encompass all of us whose welfare matters to me: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transexual. There is no insult intended, and I exclude none of us ever. All I can say is that if some loser called one of us a "fucking cocksucker," I would be furious because that's all of us being attacked; if Don Lemon puts us all under the umbrella of "gay," I'm happy enough because I consider that a compliment offered by a guy who's proudly living the life and caring about his community.