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CONTEST: The Truth About Sex

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I wasThumbnail image for TruthCoverFront.jpg lucky enough to spend most of this morning and early afternoon with one of our more incorrigble contributors, sexologist Dr. Gloria Brame, and one of her lovely and attractive partners, Dave. Gloria was in town promoting her new book, The Truth About Sex. After lunch, she graciously gave me three autographed copies of her new book to give away to Projectors!

So how can you win one of the copies? To win, leave a comment on this post telling us the most unusual, exciting, or dangerous place you've had sex. You can be as explicit as you'd like, so keep in mind that the comments themselves might be a little risqué.

Normally I'd print a blurb from the book's publisher to tell you what the tome's about but this title pretty much spells it out for you. Since I'm quoted on the back cover as part of the "Praise for Dr. Brame's The Truth About Sex" section, I'll just add it in here.

Gloria Brame takes readers from masturbation to orgasm in an easy and forthright manner. This informative volume doesn't leave readers wanting more; it shows them just how to get satisfaction on their own.

Trust me, you'll want a copy of this book. It's a good one. All the regular contest rules after the jump.

  • Contributors are not eligible to win.
  • Contest ends Sunday, August 7 at midnight Eastern time.
  • Three winners will be picked based off the comments left on the post. Bil Browning and Gloria Brame will pick the winners.
  • Any prizes unclaimed by Friday, August 12 will be awarded to another entrant.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Prizes will be shipped on Monday, August 8.
  • You do not have to purchase anything to win.
  • We will not share your contact information with anyone.

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I’m biologically a bit weird. I have two sets of genes and a screwy endocrine system that doesn’t act like anyone else’s. Consequently there are things (mostly related to ‘sex’) my body simply doesn’t do well or at all. So…

In a no-tell motel, a bit more than half asleep with the TV on and Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs talking…
It was just the sound of his voice.

It may sound very bla, but it was my first ever orgasm! It caused me to wake up dazed and confused and I had to actually call a friend to figure out if I’d had a stroke, heart attack or one of them orgasms I’d heard so much about.
…it actually explained a lot to me about you humans and why you do the things you do. Well, everyone but republicans. I don’t think there’s any explanation for them that’s logical.

The second time my, now, boyfriend and I went out, and the first time we got naked and fooled around, was on a couch in a physics department lounge at his university. We enjoyed ourselves, and didn't get caught. But word slipped, and got out, and it didn't take too long for that couch to disappear...

Before I transitioned, my spouse and I had sex while driving 70 MPH on the New York State Thruway. I was driving and operated the brakes. My spouse sat in my lap and did the steering. It was a quickie in more ways than one!

Katie Sparrow | August 4, 2011 8:24 PM

It was way, way up north in the middle of January, and there was a -40°F wind chill outside, but we were stubborn teenagers with nowhere indoors we could go, so we snuck out into a potato field with a pile of blankets, and shivered our way out of virginity. Afterwards, we looked up and realized the northern lights had come out while we were fucking; the entire sky from horizon to horizon was filled with light. It was completely worth the frostbite.

That would have to be in one of the maintenance tunnels underneath the IU Bloomington campus. Close to the Musical Arts Center, I believe. More than the maintenance tunnels got explored that weekend.

During the last months of my Army days with my ex-wife, then gf, spending nights in her Ford Escort steaming up the windows, watching out for cops and working it in the passenger side front seat while parked above the beaches of Pacific Grove.

The most powerful sex goes with my ex-fiancé. That was the learning experience of my sexual life. What she had me doing to her flipped my mind initially (I'm to put my fingers where?), but then we took it beyond that in to territory of our bodies that did not initially seem sexual, but turned in to oh so much foreplay and afterplay (fingers, toes, body hair discovered to be lots of fun).

"Leave a comment on this post telling us the most unusual, exciting, or dangerous place you've had sex."

No thanks -- I'll buy my copy.

Jaime Dunaway Jaime Dunaway | August 4, 2011 11:27 PM

Ha, I'd come closer to winning a celibacy contest.

My husband and I made love at the end of a 2,000+ foot-long (and 7' tall and 3' wide) lava tube on the Big Island of Hawaii. When 2,200 degree molten lava flows along the surface, the lava on the outside can cool and solidify into rock while the lave inside the flow remain liquid and continues flowing. In Volcano National Park on Hawai'i is the Thurston lava tube. The first 800 feet have lights and a boardwalk and plenty of towards. The last 1,300 feet do not and are pure, pitch black. While on our honeymoon in 2009 (and carrying flashlights), we walked all the way to the end of the tube and had sex deep in the earth. Of course we were not able to clean the rock floor or walls. On the walk back we encountered two tourist coming the opposite direction but by then we were no longer out of breath, although still in the afterglow.

I was looking for a private place to go parking and get it on with a hot guy I'd picked up that evening. Having had a couple of drinks, I drove past a (I thought empty)guard's station of a gated community that was under construction. I found a nice secluded cul-de-sac, climbed into the back seat and got to it. What a surprise to be interrupted by a bunch of blue lights!

I remember one hot August night at the Eagle, once one of Chicago’s finest leather establishments. The air outside was hot, so humid you could almost touch it. Inside the packed bar, it was just as bad…or worse. In spite of the crowds, no one met up to my exacting standards and so, plied with equal amounts of alcohol and despair, I emerged into the torpid night, lit by a full moon.

I had parked nearby, on a little side street that ran parallel to Clark and dead-ended at the walled northern border of Saint Boniface Cemetery. As I was unlocking my car door, a man approached. Even in the dim light, I liked what I saw: tall, husky, dark hair and eyes. We didn’t say much…isn’t it strange how gay men have elevated eye contact to a language all its own? Before long, near the wall of the cemetery, corporeal fires got ignited, and the two of us sought a place that would offer more privacy. My new friend led me to a rust-eaten pickup. I asked if it was his. He smiled, opened the door and scurried inside. Kisses resumed and went from lips to nether regions.

The sweltering August air, the eerie light, the thrill of getting caught, and a hot man all conspired to create a night of romance I won’t ever forget.

After it was over and the two of us stumbled back to my car, we went our separate ways. As soon as I got in, I thought the least I could do was offer him a ride. But he was gone. There was nowhere for him to go, really, but up the dead end street…and there wasn’t time enough for him to traverse its short course. He had vanished. I stared at the cemetery walls in my rear view mirror as I drove away, wondering if he had emerged from its slumbering confines, driven by needs he was supposed to have left long behind. Did we ever learn to behave? I smiled at the thought, but shivered, as the temperature of the night seemed to plunge downward.

My girlfriend and I were feeling frisky. We decided to get it on at the LACMA, the Los Angeles Museum of Art. It was FANTASTIC and thrilling. We also did it on the top of a building in San Diego in the middle of the downtown city, where I'm sure people could see. I can't decide which was the freakiest place, but they were equally exhilarating :)

Hint: The place is still open, and if too much shows up online the cops or the city might shut it down.

Sorry -- this note was intended to be attached to my comment at August 4, 2011 10:49 PM

After college in the mid 70's, I moved to Los Angeles and roomed with a friend. I was there trying to find out the process of how films were made from beginning to end.
After several months of trying, my roomie's best friend said he had a place lined up for me to check out. It was an independent studio. I thought great! Independent studios are on tight budgets and the timeline is short.
I end up at an office in a warehouse district. The door is locked. I pressed the mic button and got buzzed in. I looked at the posters on the wall. I was inside Catalina Video!
I worked there for quite a while. Checked in the new talent with photographs and bios and license checks. Took orders, etc. Then one day I get called in to "fully" check out one new actor.
We went back into a stage area and had to do all the things one sees in a gay porn video. Oral, Anal, hand-jobs.
It was so intense I had orgasms with each thing we did. And I wasn't the only one. After about 90 minutes, I came back with the report. Recommendations as to if he should be a bottom or top, etc.
It was the most intense sexual encounter I had ever had! And he got to be in the movies as well. I am tumescent just thinking about it as I write it.

dharmapupil | August 5, 2011 6:40 PM

My lover and I liked to take weekend trips and we would often get bored with the driving and give the driver a diverting blow job. But my favorite time was when we were out for a late-night drive just for fun in the sweltering Summer and we pulled over on a dirt path into the middle of a random corn field and fucked on the hood of the car. I loved the humid air on my skin, looking up at the stars and feeling the man I loved inside me. Most perfect...

When I was 18 and in love for the first time (sever lust, more accurately) my boyfriend and I spent a day in the Plaza in Santa Fe. Now, if you've ever been to Santa Fe, it's one of the oldest cities in the US, with a rich history and must multiculturalism.

So, we walked up to the Cross of the Martyrs and enjoyed a lovely view of the city. The stories say that when Santa Fe was just getting settled, there was an attack on the settlement from the natives. The Catholic monks ran away and ended up on the tallest hill in town, and from there they were surrounded by the natives and slaughtered. It's a historical marker, now, with many memorials and happy families looking at the town and reading about the history of the city.

It was cold and rainy, and New Mexico is a dessert, and families were everywhere. We walked off the sidewalk to the backside of the hill, behind someone's property (the houses are all mansions in Santa Fe; many celebrities live there.)I laid down in the mesquite bushes, hiked up my skirt, got cactus prickles in my ass and had the least pleasurable but most exciting sex of my life!

I don't really consider myself much of an exhibitionist, but the thrill is something I'll never forget. Ah, to be young!

In college On the floor of the "film" (blacked out) darkroom ..No wonder I love photography with the result I have posted to Gloria's Site a number of times