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Cuba's First Trans Wedding

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Cuba celebrated their first transgender wedding ceremony - complete with American diplomats some of Cuba's best known dissidents. opposite-sex-wedding.jpgOne can only imagine how festive the reception was!

A gay man and a transgender woman have married in a first-of-its-kind wedding for Cuba.

Ignacio Estrada, 31, and Wendy Iriepa, 37, tied the knot as a transexual couple on Saturday at a government marriage office, where they signed a marriage certificate, exchanged rings and kissed before a state official.

Same-sex marriage is banned in Cuba but the couple's union did not break the law. Iriepa, the bride, is legally a woman after undergoing the country's first state-sanctioned sex change operation in 2007.

It may not be a "gay wedding," but the bride arrived in a 1950s convertible waving a giant pride flag. It's a little odd how they keep referring to Estrada as a gay man throughout the article since this, but at the end they throw in that he has AIDS.

Seems to me like it's less a "transgender wedding" than an "opposite sex" wedding.

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I've read quite a few repostings of this, and pretty much all of them have evoked a similar response from my trans followers and friends, and one I will echo: There's not a damn thing "gay" about this wedding. If she had married a lesbian, then maybe so, but this is pretty hetero to my eyes.


That said, still very proud of the couple. I'm planning my spring wedding as I type this, and I'm surprised I still have any hair left lol. Yes, trans people get married, too...sometimes, like us, two trans women even marry each other.

I followed the link to the Al Jazeera story, and they quote the groom as identifying as a gay man, and calling the wedding "a step forward for the gay community in Cuba." They do not refer to the wedding as a "gay wedding". Yes, this is a marriage between a man and a woman, and therefore not a same-sex marriage. But it sounds like for the Cuban community, this is a gay rights issue.