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Defense Attorney in McInerney Trial Comes Out as Lesbian

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The murder trial of 17 year old Brandon McInerney, charged with shooting his 15 year old classmate Larry King in Feb. 2008, defense attorney Robyn Bramson filed a formal complaint accusing Judge Charles Campbell of bias after he used the word "queer" in court and suggested that Brandon's mother is a lesbian. Bramson asked the judge to remove himself from the case. The judge denied the request. According to a tape recording in Fox LA reporter Christina Gonzala's story, Bramson said:

"I think your honor's previous reference to Larry King as "queer" is evidence of bias against sexual orientation.... Your honor's specific use of the word 'queer' and the manner in which you talked about Kendra's McInerney's sexual orientation, I think it's very possible your honor may be aware that I am not heterosexual either."

Watch a video from MyFoxLA after the jump.

Defense Wants New Judge in McInerney Case: MyFoxLA.com

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It makes no sense to me that the killer's mother is a lesbian. If so, it seems that she failed miserably at teaching her son to accept LGBT or anyone who isn't a WASP, or she hates who she is and passed that onto her son. Also, how could a lesbian represent a hate crime defendant with the defense that the victim was responsible for his own killing?

You can be fine with lesbians and still despise and murder gay men.

It's called machismo. That and McIrney was the loony kid out of the homophobic chorus who shot Larry. McIrney was no doubt under peer pressure to seek retribution.

I am *not* thinking the defense wants to explore whether there was a radical feminist influence on the defendant, considering the rather explicit threat calling for the eradication of trans women in Jan Raymond's 1979 book. Or is that a defense theory here? Not trans-panic, exactly, but that the defendant was acting under some kind of undue influence based on extremist radfem philosophy?

That would be about as outlandish a speculation as the CIA pre-wiring the World Trade Cener for a controlled implosion in 2001, in anticipation of 9/11. All things considered, though I wouldn't be surprised at *any* tactic used by the defense in this case.

I do wonder about exactly how the judge used the word "queer." It's all contextual, I think. What could provide insight as to the motivation of the defendant could be fair game for admission into evidence. I don't know what the defense lawyer has in mind, except that perhaps she is looking to throw spaghetti against the wall to see if any of is done enough to stick.

I'm very conflicted about this, especially with it coming from the defense. I really need to hear the judge using the word queer and I need to understand the context.

As for McInerny's mother being a lesbian I can only think of how that may have contributed to the abuse from his father in the household and maybe even his attitude toward gay people.

All-in-all I can't see how this will work in favor of the defense.

Honestly, I think the defense is trying to throw anything out there to see what will stick.

california panda | August 19, 2011 10:53 PM

It's amazing to me how quickly and consistently some people justify their tendency to work against their own self interest. Got to be a lot of self-hate working there.

I doubt it's anything that sinister. While some lawyers work exclusively for LGBT-causes, in general many lawyers will defend anyone, whether they agree with them or not. It's kind of part of their professional code

Sure, but they've used outlandish defenses, blaming Larry King for his own murder and using a series of pretty overtly homophobic reasons. I understand everyone has the right to a defense but I can't support a systematic, anti-gay misuse of the law.