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Equality Walker Richard Noble Hits Colorado

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RichardNoble.jpegFive months on the road as of Aug. 12, on Sunday, Los Angeles-based Richard Noble hit Colorado on his Walk for Equality to draw attention to and get signatures for a national American Equality Bill.

On Monday, Richard sent an email saying:

Utah has been amazing to say the least.

The south western trek filled with amazement of deer and Aspen pines, fields of purple flowers and friendly people.

Had a wonderful time meeting youth in Cedar City and trekking along Bryce National Park.

The middle piece was a 27 mile trek with the Rainbow Flag around Salt Lake City, meeting with Utah Pride Centers LGBT youth advocates and receiving a full federal civil rights proclamation for the LGBT community from Salt Lake Cites mayor.

The north eastern trek more lonely and with desert. The FB friends and American Indian hospitality wonderful.

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Enjoyed spending time with LDS families who are members of PFLAG to support their loved ones.

Reached the Colorado border yesterday with an amazing moon and small Rainbow.

My mentality goes up and down as we struggle for our LGBT caucus and organization to verbally say Civil Rights.

I often with somewhat of a broken heart contimplate going home.

But I'm in this for the long haul. Hate crimes towards our transgender community and the tears of loved ones caused by LGBT youth suicide from discrimination and bullying keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

I reflect on the byproducts of homophobia and transphobia. What we are seeing is the symptoms of the spiritual disease of inequality.

I believe in liberation and equality and to the extent of reaching the goal am willing to sacrifice all I have to make Liberty a common theme.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act is not as once was, a hot potato from which I run. I embrace the day our federal government gives sexual orientation and gender identity the same and full rights, protections and justice afforded to the rest of Americans. It is after all their job as we are a minority to do everything in their power to protect us.

I'll see you all in Boulder as I meet with the mayor as she will also be handing me a full SO GI Civil Rights Declaration of Support and Congressman Polis, our champion of The Student Non Discrimination Act.

With Love and sheer determination to get the big picture of equality complete,

Richard Noble
Walk for Equality
Supporting The American Equality Bill
SO GI Civil Rights Now

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