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GOProud's Fizzling Relationship with the ACU

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At last year's Conservative Political Action Conference, the controversial gay Republican organization, GOProud, caused significant controversy among Democrats and socially conservative Republicans alike.

Kristy Campbell, the spokesperson for the American Conservative Union, the organization responsible for hosting CPAC, said that GOProud's involvement in the event this year was under debate because of "concerns raised by a number of our board members."

Ultimately, the ACU board members voted to ban GOProud from sponsoring the event. Their name will not appear on any literature related to the event, and they will be barred from having their own booth explaining their positions. The members themselves, however, Campbell explained, are not banned. She said:

As always, individual members of these organizations are welcome and encouraged to attend CPAC. We look forward to hosting an extraordinarily successful CPAC 2012 in our nation's capital next February.

Today, GOProud tried to meet with the ACU to get more information about the decision.

Ben Smith at Politico reports:

Cardenas met today, I'm told, with the executive director of the gay conservative group GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia. It was, a person briefed on the event said, "not a good meeting." The representatives of GOProud were furious to learn from WorldNetDaily and The Daily Caller that they'd been dropped from the organization, and they were also none too thrilled about Cardenas's wife's recent comments on the subject.

Sounds like the end of a not-so-beautiful friendship and further fumbling of LGBT issues by conservatives, even if the target is a group as silly as GOProud.

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Breaking NEWS:
The NAACP has been uninvited to the national Klan rally.
The JDL has been uninvited to the next international congress of the PLO AND the Nazi Party.
Michelle Bachman has been univited to be the Grand Marshall of next year's NYC Pride Parade.
Dr. Akins had been uninvited to the next Vegan convention.
Jews for Jesus org has been uninvited to ...almost everything.

These people are stupid enough to join a party that would ban their right to exist if they ever got hold of all four branches of government. Their plight is of their own making and should only be used to unite the sane portion of our community.
GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are living in denial for what they perceive as personal gain while helping to cancel out the civil and human rights gains of the LGBT community.
Tammi Dee Voytek