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Indiana: Scandal Plagued Lawmaker Will Keep Seat

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Slightly over a week ago it was revealed that Indiana Republican state representative Phil Hinkle had responded to a Craigslist advertisement by an African-American teenager seeking a sugar daddy. authorized-bhang-shop.jpgThe representative offered cash for sex, but the young escort got cold feet once he realized the potential john was a legislator.

The Indianapolis Star called on him to resign and the Republicans hardly rushed to defend one of their own. While they love to put anti-gay politicians on pedestals, they quickly pillory those found to have feet of clay.

Speaker of the Indiana House, Brian Bosma, is most famous amongst LGBT Hoosiers for his quote that passing a marriage amendment was "the most important piece of the people's business" while the economy collapsed, crime rates soared, and meth destroyed the state. Bosma is now publicly calling on Hinkle to resign, but the embattled legislator says he's staying until the end of his term but won't seek re-election.

"We have a lot of compassion for Phil and his family," Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said. "But the right thing for him to do is to step down, and he needs to do it. It is absolutely the right thing for him and his family, and it's the right thing for the institution."

Bosma said Hinkle couldn't be removed from the House but that he would begin the process of removing Hinkle from committees he leads. Of Hinkle's decision to serve out his term, Bosma said: "I really don't know how he does that."
"While I must admit to mistakes of judgment, I am seeking professional help on what turned me down a road of self-destruction," Hinkle said.

No word from Bosma on why he didn't immediately step down after he was caught getting a blow job from a young intern for the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus in the statehouse parking lot back in 1991. Oh, that's right, the intern was female. Apparently in Bosma world it's okay to have sex with someone you're in a position of power over, but it's not okay to answer a Craigslist ad and never even get laid.

Go figure. (img src)

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