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Indianapolis Star: Hinkle Must Go

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"This sad situation is a personal and family tragedy. How Hinkle resolves these matters with those who are closest to him is very much his own business.

"But as a public leader, he is entrusted by voters with exercising good judgment and maintaining strong integrity. The email exchange alone -- in which it appears Hinkle, among other things, offered the man to "make it worth (your) while in cash'' to meet him in a hotel room -- shows a horrible lapse in judgment."

-- The Indianapolis Star editorial on the scandal enveloping Indiana state representative Phil Hinkle. The anti-gay legislator was busted soliciting sex and exposing himself to an 18 year old young man.

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I'm afraid that you somewhat overstated the editorial comment:


"Hinkle needs to hold himself to such standards. Unless he can refute these accusations, and thus far he has not denied them, Hinkle must ask himself whether he can still serve at the level that his district deserves."

It has been my observation that whenever a Republiscum is called upon to ask himself/herself/itself whether s/he/it can still serve," the answer is almost invariably, "Sure. Why not?" And if that is phrased further as being at the level that the people who voted for this person deserve, well, they voted for an active bigot, didn't they?

The question is whether the REST of us deserve that.

Rather bizarrely, some of the comments state that Hinkle should become a Democrat! I don't happen to know of any actively homophobic closeted gay Democratic politicians, so I don't know where these people are coming from. (I suspect that they don't know, either.)