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Lady Gaga Does Drag for New Single

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JoCalderon.jpegLady Gaga is releasing a new single, "You & I," off of her Born This Way album, the fifth single from the album. She just released the cover art for the song, and it features her "alter ego," "male model" Jo Calderone (who, apparently, emerged last June). You can follow Jo on Twitter.

Check out the gender-switched cover art, and see other shots here.

It's one of the best on the album, and I'm sure its sound - which showcases Gaga's actual voice as opposed to whatever machine produced "Judas" - should do well on the radio. I'm not quite sure why the male Jo Calderone has any particular significance to "You & I," but then again, I rarely understand the significance of the bisexual singer's stylistic choices.

Gaga's choice to develop this male persona very well may be just a big "fuck you" to all of the media attention she received toward the beginning of her career, when the (false) rumor that she was intersex really took off. She's poked fun at the rumors before, and I could see her formulating the Jo Calderone character as a continuation of that.

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We're still believing that she's bisexual? Her statement in Rolling Stone that she essentially uses women to get off but can't form emotional relationships with them--but enjoys how it fucks with her boyfriends--is totally fine?

Well, alright.

But you gotta love a girl with multiple personas that get created and abandoned like mayflies in the summer. It kind of shows how desperate and unfocused she is for some kind of meaningfulness. Lucky for her, her fans don't seem to be demanding the kind of deep meaning she's trying to sell.