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I know you all think I'm miserably depressed all the time, and mostly that's true but I do still know how to laugh.

While Zachary and Jake were away on a road trip, I sent them pictures on their phones. Any time I saw a "punch buggy" I sent it to Jake and said, Punch yourself.

He would promptly punch Zachary.

I had found Zachary's "Baby" in the Ogunquit house. It was a gift from a good friend of mine and Zachary did love Baby. That is, when he was a baby. Poor Baby ended up on top of the refrigerator, long forgotten. Until I got Baby, dusted her off and took her on adventures.

Meet Baby.

Now, Baby did get a little annoyed while sitting on the refrigerator for so long.

If you mess with Baby, she will give you the finger.

Baby likes cake.

Baby says, Nom, nom, chocolate cake. All mine.

Baby says, Where's my pina colada???

Baby says, This game sucks. Now I have sand in my butt.

Oh, Baby has had many more adventures. I'm trying to figure out how to create a facebook page for baby. Oddly, they won't let me use the name "Baby."

Baby doesn't like that very much.

And you don't get Baby mad.

Stay tuned for more adventures. Hey, it's summer, it's hot and I have way too much free time on my hands.

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I laughed liked crazy over this! You have to make Baby a facebook page! How about giving Baby a title? Ms Baby, etc. Just a thought, but please more Baby!

Baby has a facebook page! The Life of Baby and it's an open group. Baby has been on some adventures this week...