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NOM's Social Media Aims for 100K Followers, Gets 883

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At the beginning of the summer, the National Organization for Marriage announced a lofty goal for the summer: to beef up its social media canvassing and attract 100,000 new followers on Facebook, Twitter, and through text message updates. The organization claimed to have a "generous donor" who planned on donating $1 to NOM for every new follower, fan, or sms subscriber.

NOM announced plans for the social media blitz back in June, saying it would run from June 24 until Sep. 1.

Of course, the campaign didn't go so well. In the past two months, NOM Watch's Jeremy Hooper calculated, the organization only managed to attract 163 new Twitter followers and 435 new Facebook "likes" (those numbers have risen since Hooper's blog post to 677 new Facebook "likes" since June and 206 new Twitter followers, totaling 883).

Earlier this week, the organization rebranded the campaign, acting like the June 24 start date had never existed. Now, they're calling it the August Marriage Challenge and claiming that the "generous donor" made the $100,000 bid for the month of August.

Of course, as Hooper pointed out earlier in the summer, NOM probably already has the $100,000 check in hand from the donor and this is either a publicity stunt or a way of shaking off the anti-NOM, pro-marriage equality social media users who clog NOM's wall with pro-equality messages. That doesn't make it any less funny that the organization, which has been officially designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has hardly been able to galvanize support on Facebook and Twitter - or that it's even pushing for Facebook support as if that translates to real support.

And it's especially funny given the recent claims that NOM has been creating astroturf support for itself on Facebook.

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Since I am now a bona fide Twitter addict, I'll chime in and add, just for comparison's sake ...

HRC has 4,993 friends (5000 is max) and 894,413 fans on FB and 63,986 Twitter followers.

GLAAD has 111,764 FB fans and 55,284 Twitter followers.

NOM, by the way, has experienced a surge -- they now have 4,364 FB fans. I was not able to quickly find them on Twitter.

Ooops! That was the wrong FB page for NOM.

Actually, Nom now has 20,618 FB fans and 4,123 Twitter followers.

Wow -- they're on a roll ...

Yeah, I know this has only been up for a short time, but shouldn't they change the headline at least? I mean, 20k is still short of their 100k goal, don't get me wrong.

We are talking about a group of individuals who regularly distory facts to support their positions though, so it would be prudent on our part to be a little more diligent in reporting numbers like this. Wouldn't want to get pegged by NOM as trying to create a fake story (although such an accusation would be laughably hypocritical).

Sorry if this was unclear. They made it their goal in June to garner 100K NEW followers. However, they've only been able to garner 883 (as of this morning) NEW followers, a compilation of Twitter and Facebook.

I think the SPLC hasn't (yet) put NOM on their hate group list.

SPLC's most recent webpage on anti-gay groups (that I know of is) somewhat confusing. As it says in the introductory paragraph, all listed groups are not hate groups. Those that are have an asterix before their name. NOM's doesn't:

And these NOM jokers wonder why noone takes them seriously?!!! Unnnngh!

Rachel Bellum | August 21, 2011 6:50 PM

They should borrow some of Gingrich's.