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Rick Santorum: Gay Champion?

Filed By Bil Browning | August 12, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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How in the fuck can dipshit politician Rick Santorum - best known for his attacks on LGBT people - condemn the Iranian government for their treatment of gays and lesbians when, if given his druthers, he'd treat us the same way?

Iran tramples the rights of gays? I'd love to hear him say exactly what rights he thinks we should have since he opposes employment protections, marriage equality, civil unions, hate crimes legislation, and just about anything with a whiff of queer to it.

Oh, the stupidity. It burns.

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They showed a split-screen with Ron Paul for a split second. I have to wonder what he was saying about it.

Hmmm...maybe he's been thinking about frothy mixes of lube and fecal matter, and has been expanding his experiences a bit? Like, with his own rent-boy? (All the Republicans seem to have them these days, and you know how Romney rushes to follow every change in nut-jub land...)

Annette Gross Annette Gross | August 12, 2011 4:50 PM

He should come here to Indiana and talk our legislators out of trying to get HJR-6 passed. Maybe he should also join PFLAG as a Straight Ally! Sure..............

I'm sorry but this was even in my opinion and unfair attack on Santorum, the bigot he is. Human Rights and CIVIL Rights are NOT the same thing, contrary to what the Human Rights Campaign has told you. Civil Rights are what the United States doesn't provide for GLBT citizens, we have Human Rights. Iran actively kills, and imprisons, and makes life impossible for GLBT citizens, something the US doesn't do, even if we ant to be married and raise families. These things are possible here, and impossible in Iran, lookup the definition of "Human Rights" if need be. This is like the Teaparty, using words against us that they don't know the definition of.

My friends...
How could you POSSIBLY see this statement as an endorsement or support of gay or human rights?
He's STATING an obvious fact and anti gay bigots are quick to say these kinds of things to point out that Iran is a worse offender and in comparison, gays and women have it easy here in the US.
Pointing out such abuses of women and gays isn't an ENDORSEMENT of their rights or support of them: it's his way of saying that gay people or women SHOULDN'T be complaining, nor do they have any reason to.

Come on people, he was using napkins and paper towels as an analogy to marriage between gay couples. He trivializes your lives on the one hand, and trivializes your rights and advocacy by comparing it to what happens in Iran.

Must you grasp at this statement with such desperation that it sounds like support to your ears?