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Santorum: Gays Waged 'Jihad' On Me

Filed By Bil Browning | August 29, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Islamaphobia, presidential candidates, religious right, Rick Santorum

I think it's interesting that in this video presidential hopeful Rick Santorum says the gays waged "jihad" on him over his offensive remarks comparing gay and lesbian relationships to sex with animals. Notice that several other religious right leaders have been using phrases like "fatwah" or "jihad" in an attempt to use Islamophobic rhetoric as a public relations tool to discriminate against our community. This is part of a growing trend of anti-Muslim and/or immigrant talking points they're going to use next. (Hat tip to Viktor)

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bigolpoofter | August 29, 2011 8:42 AM

A fecal jihad, no less!

Two words: bitch, please!

Little children, and those who think like little children, tend to get their boogeymen all mixed up with each other.

Jihad? hahah I think it's a crying shame that someone hasn't bombed the fucker out of existence. Even bigger shame that Irene didn't take out all of those putz's in DC while she was at it. Perhaps 2012 will do it for us.