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Senator Resigns After Grindr Photos Surfaced

Filed By Viktor Kerney | August 29, 2011 6:30 PM | comments

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Thumbnail image for roberto-arango-fotos-xxx-desnudas-grindr--9_small.jpgAfter explicit photos of Puerto Rican state senator Roberto Arango were released last Friday, he quickly resigned on Sunday. Arango was presented with a dilemma when nude picture of him surfaced from the gay hook-up site, Grindr.

At the time, Arango neither confirmed nor denied that the pictures were of him. In fact, he said the pictures were taken to show off his weight loss. I hope he didn't think that explanation would suffice, but he stuck with it. However, by the end of the weekend, Arango presented his letter of resignation to Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz.

Arango joins a growing list of anti-gay Republicans with their own gay scandals. He supported an anti-gay marriage resolution and opposed adoption rights for gay people in Puerto Rico. Isn't it very interesting how these matters play out?

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What an idiot! ... Thousands of discrete hook-up websites online, but this turkey had to decide to advertise himself on ... Grindr!

No such thing as "discreet" hook-up site for an anti-gay politician.

If Ted Haggard, some lowly megachurch pastor got outed by the man he was giving money to, imagine a politician that doesn't even pay his hook up to keep shut.

I don't know what a guy his age is even doing putting up pictures like that. One would think horny and short-sighted teenagers would be the ones doing that, with adults being aware of the repercussions of putting your nakedness in a mass consumption venue.

Lucrece: Have you been in the dark all these years? Both men and women of all ages put their naked pics up on websites. It's to attract a sexual encounter. Nothing wrong with that if that is their choice. Lumping them into one big category of "short-sighted teenagers" just shows us that you are as much a bigot about certain parts of the GAY culture as the religious right is. What IS wrong is putting out feelers for gay sex; but, voting against gay rights at the same time.

Well, some famous celebs have "put their nakedness out there" including actress Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut) and football player James Brown (Playgirl centerfold, September 1974) and a host of others, and I don't know any whose careers were ruined because of such. Actors sometimes appear nude onstage, including Don Johnson (Fortune and Men's Eyes) and more recently Daniel Ratcliffe (Equus) -- nude photos abound of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- so I don't think nudity itself is the issue here.

The issue is that he was using his nudity as advertising for sex. That is perfectly legal, but people with "family values" simply do not approve. There are certain standards that politicians must live up to if they want the family values vote, and it is very difficult to get elected in most jurisdictions without it.

Alternatively, he could have said, "So what? It's all perfectly legal!" and let the voters decide at the next election. (And I would admire any politician showing he's got balls like that -- no pun intended.)

Forgive me if I am stating the obvious -- but we seem to be getting myopic here and missing the big picture.