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Shirtless Evangelical Twink Minister

Filed By Bil Browning | August 23, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: closet cases, newly converted, religious muscles, shirtless evangelical

Blah, blah, Jeebus, muscle flex. Blah, blah, the Lord, cute eyebrow lift. This cutie turned to the Lord a few months ago and now he can't even take a vacation without talking about God's love. Just watch this one with the sound off, because, as Queerty says, "That boy just ain't right in the head."

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The snaps are priceless! "Stay strong my friends!" (muscle flex)

OK, I admit it - I only made it 21 seconds in, and then my gag-reflex became unbearable. Hunky, cute twink or not that was all the brain damage I've had caffeine enough to handle.

All I can think is 'what does frat-boy Jesus look like?'

I hope he hasn't given up his day job.

Laurie Edwards | August 24, 2011 8:14 AM

@Scotti B: Hah! I have more patience for idiocy and pushiness than you! I made it 1:20 before I had to give up! Seriously, this kid is irritating enough to make even Jesus grind his molars as He smites.

I wathded the whole thing--twice. My impression was that he's using phrases typical of a recent convert but overlooking the Jesus message while taking delight in the idea of retribution and punishment. He probably has all the Left Behind books and movies. I tried to defend hinm against some of the stupider comments on YouTube. So he sends 2 messages calling me "scoffer' and vehemently denying that he's gay.

That may be true. the vocal traits, snaps and all the rest that some commenters seized on as gay indicators are pretty much what I see every day among the presumably mostly str8 guys his age in the college town where i live, at least the more demonstrative ones. It's hard not to cnclude that he isn't much in touch with the world, or understands what Jesus was saying.

Other than Porn (And I don't like Twink Porn), I really don't get this guy.

Btw, I only made it to 00:46

To quote Lucy Ricardo, "If that's the type of hat you wanted, you certainly got it."