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Upcoming Film 'Gay Dude' Looks to Be Gay 'American Pie'

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MeganMullallyGageSkidmore.jpgIn April, LionsGate Films gave the go-ahead for producers to begin work on Gay Dude, a film about two best friends who make a pact to lose their virginity before their high school prom. Then one of the guys comes out to the other as a "gay dude," and things get a little less bro-tastic. The plot sounds like a cross between American Pie, where a group of guys semi-chauvinistically quested for sex during their senior year, and Superbad, the buddy comedy about...well, a semi-chauvinistic quest for sex.

This week, a few big names were attached to the production, including Megan Mullally from Will & Grace and her real-life husband, Nick Offerman. Mullally will play the straight dude's mother, while Offerman will be a supportive father for the gay friend. Other actors - including Dakota Johnson of The Social Network and Nicholas Braun - have also been cast as well.

The script, by Parks & Recreation writer Alan Yang, has been floating around Hollywood for the past few years, AfterElton reports. Now that it's finally been picked up, we'll see if Gay Dude is an offensive look at coming out or a funny, but sensitive take on dealing with coming out in high school.

I have high hopes for the project, which focuses on the perspective of the straight friend. It could be a great way for young, straight men to see someone like them grappling with their best friend coming out to them.

AfterElton's Dennis Ayers is optimistic, too:

I've had a chance to read the script, and it lives up to its working title. One of the lead characters, Matty, is gay, but the main point of view and primary story arc belongs to his straight best friend Michael. The story takes place between high school and college and, like Superbad, there's a lot of crude humor sure to make many people cringe.

But still, the script shows some real heart, particularly when it briefly gets serious towards the end and tries to convey -- presumably to a straight audience -- the difficulties and dangers closeted gay teens face when coming out to their friends and family.

You can read the script for yourself here - and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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There are already plenty of gay "American Pie"-like films like "Another Gay Movie". It doesn't seem as bad but here are some gems:

How was it living in Vietnam?
It’s not great to be gay there. My dad
cut me off completely after I told him I
was gay. My sister is a prostitute and
she still lives at home."

"Jared spins out and gets the whole bar’s attention.
Who wants their dicks sucked?
A bunch of guys raise their hands.
Let’s take the gay train to Butt Sex
Some guys follow Jared out of the bar."

(At a Rave)"MICHAEL
I think you just dance with them until
their dick accidentally slips inside of

I talked to Mr. Reagins. I think you
should start this gay club at our school.
No way.
You’re perfect for it. ‘Cause like,
you’ll put a good face on things. All
the gay guys on TV are crazy, flaming,
minstrel-show gays. You’re an
approachable gay."

So the fuck what? I’ve had sex with tons
of girls. Hell, I even got married once.
Woman would not shut up about her damn
woman business. The menses makes them
crazy, I swear. I feel for you straight
guys, man."

Not looking forward to this. Haven't we seen enough movies about teenagers making a pact to lose their virginity before (x, where x = something like the prom, graduation, etc.) by now?

It sounds literally like Another Gay Movie, which would have been more appropriately called Worst Gay Movie Ever. I mean yeah, that was a gay version of American Pie too and it sucked in so many literal and non-literal ways.

Just saying.

Om Kalthoum | October 20, 2011 3:11 AM

Another film that appeals to teenage and 20-something boys? Quelle surprise!