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Bachmann: Adoption Orgs' Religion Trumps Gay Rights

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bachmannback.jpgOn Monday, four GOP presidential nomination hopefuls participated in the American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, South Carolina. At the forum, Michele Bachmann invoked her opposition to "activist judges" again, this time responding to a question about the rights of gay and lesbian couples to adopt in Illinois, where civil unions are legal for same-sex couples. More specifically, the question addresses the recent ruling that the state of Illinois is not required to continue providing funding for Catholic Charities, which said it would not consider same-sex couples as potential adoptive parents despite Illinois' new civil unions law.

Bachmann responded to this question on stage:

In Illinois, after passing a civil unions bill, the state government decided to exclude certain religiously affiliated foster care and adoption agencies, including Catholic and Protestant agencies, because the agencies, in line with the teachings of their faith cannot in conscience place children with same-sex partners. At least half of Illinois' foster and adoption funds come from the federal government. Should the federal government be subsidizing states that discriminate against Catholic and other religious adoption agencies in this way?

Her response indicates, once again, her prioritization of religious freedoms over LGBT rights:

I believe in equal protection under the law, and this is clearly a situation where we have seen a disadvantage to children who are about to be placed either in foster care or in adoptive care, and again, I believe that is one more example why the rulings of activist judges acting outside the original intent of the Constitution are so very dangerous to the foundation of the country. And it goes back to your previous question: Who has the right to make those rules? I believe as president of the United States, in conjunction with the United States Congress and Senate, that we need to revisit that and change our rules so that we can have an equal protection under the law so that all agencies can provide that important care to children.

Watch the video from Equality Matters after the jump:

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What a hypocrite. We keep asking, "Should the Federal Government subsidize a fake therapy clinic in MN, run by a man who doesn't have a real degree?" She dodges that question.