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Barney Frank: It Gets Better

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From Dan Savage, co-creator of the It Gets Better Project:

Barney gives credit where credit is due: to courageous LGBT youth who are coming out in ever-larger numbers, liberating themselves from their closets while at the same time liberating their heterosexual peers from their prejudices. Not every LGBT kid is in a position to come out - some are trapped in families and communities that are simply too hateful for a kid to risk coming out - but more and more LGBT kids are out and they're helping to change the world.

Video after the break.

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if barney frank is going to do an "it gets better" video for anyone, it ought to be for fence-sitting democrats who don't believe that, if they stand up for their voters and act like democrats, it can actually get better.

A Barney Quote:

"A little while later, I found Barney without a group of people around him, so I once again engaged him in conversation. “So,” I said, “does your support of transgender inclusion in the VAWA mean that you might be changing your mind about inclusion of gender-variant people in ENDA?” An innocent enough question, but you would have thought that I was threatening him with a loaded weapon. He got red in the face and started shouting, “Never.”"

And of course, this one:

“Essentially, there are full protections for people who are transgender with a couple of provisos: One – the employer can ask for a gender consistent dress code. No mustaches and dresses. Two – people with one set of genitals do not have a legal right to get naked in front of the other set, is the basic way to put it. Some accommodation has to be made there. If you insist on the right for unrestricted access to bathrooms – we lose. And we’re making some accommodations here. And we worked it out with the transgender community. We had people very upset when we raised it – it because clear we couldn’t pass the bill without it.”"

So, about those trans kids, Mr Frank. The ones you are telling "it gets better". For instance, the ones like my daughter, assigned as male at birth who've been fully accepted as girls since they were 5 or 6 years old and will be applying for their first job someday. Keep in mind that they typically cannot have surgery until they are perhaps 18.

How is she supposed to reconcile your message of "it gets better" with being told *by you* that she'll have to use the men's room for her bodily functions or even just to fix her hair?

Or that *you* were the one who crafted the terms with which she will be outed at work via your idea of an "inclusive" ENDA?

It gets better, indeed.