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Cartoon: A Trans Chess Joke

Filed By Bil Browning | September 30, 2011 1:30 PM | comments

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Saw this on Joe.My.God. last night and it made me actually laugh out loud. Thought y'all would enjoy it too.


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Here is a link ( to the original comic. I love Luke Surl Comics.

I don't know about this ... so often, little pawns make it clear that their goal is to become a queen ... and when it actually happens, Mama has no reason to be surprised ...

A friend of mine has an old ad from the early Twentieth Century, for a product called "Fairy Soap" ... the sales slogan reads, "Have you a little Fairy in your home?" ...

... What a hoot that is today!

Sorry Bil but I think it's more of a gay joke than a Trans joke. As a woman born TS I consider myself anything but a queen I reserve that honor for gay men.

Joe, from Joe.My.God., where Bil got the picture, would seem to agree with you. He titled the article "A Gay Chess Joke."

That said, I think it could be either, and whether you're transsexual like me, or gay, we ought to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

Yeah - I totally read it as a trans joke. The queen didn't come back a pawn dressed like a queen (drag), she IS a queen.

As well as the "big news" and "other side of the board." My family wouldn't have considered it "big news" if I told them I was a draq queen on the weekends. When I told them I was a woman? Now *that* was big news.

Bil, surely you know that many people equate the word, "queen" with "gay man", not just drag queen. Saying that a trans woman isn't just dressed "like" a queen but rather IS a queen implies she's really just a gay guy. Even taken as intended, you just called trans women drag queens. You'd have been better off saying a trans woman was dressed LIKE a drag queen, implying she simply has poor taste in clothes. Can you sort of see how this went from bad to even more bad?

You know, I've rarely stopped by since the whole, "cue the angry trans women in 1...2...3" comment. I must have impeccable timing to hit Bilerico on the two rare occasions where trans women are treated this way by the host. Oh, except there was that time before that when you posted that video, when I tried to make light of your offensive humor at the expense of trans woman by saying, "Bil, put down the trans joke", implying that maybe you just don't understand the transgender and/or transsexual experience enough to make jokes about it that are inoffensive. Oh, and there was that whole Ron Gold thing, but that's water under the bridge and I assume it was not intended to be trans humor.

Truly amazing timing...

Okay, question. Do you understand the rules of chess and therefore the implications of what happened here in the cartoon?

A male pawn (indicated by the term "son") reaches the other side of the board and becomes a queen, a distinctly female piece. A player is allowed to do this when and if they manage to get a pawn to the other side. In chess there are no gay characters (at least not explicitly). The queen is female, not a gay dude in drag. This is chess piece, not a real life person. The male son is now a queen, that is royalty, and which has nothing to with being a drag queen.

Om Kalthoum | October 2, 2011 1:34 AM
So a drag queen and a transsexual walk into a bar and....

Oh, and hey, Bil, have you ever thought of having a recurring thread featuring homo and tranny jokes? No, I'm serious. Think of the uproar, the laughs, the ginormous disputes about what's funny and not, what's acceptable and not, what does it all mean anyhow? There proabbly wouldn't be any bi- jokes since we all know they just don't have a sense of humor.

I suppose we'd have to have a strict rule that you have to be one to tell a joke about one. I'll volunteer to find some dyke jokes or cartoons.

Heavens, no good deed goes unpunished.