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GOP Debate Crowd Boos Gay Soldier

Filed By Ed Team | September 23, 2011 7:45 AM | comments

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Watch in disbelief as the audience at last night's GOP debate boo a gay soldier who asks a question about Don't Ask Don't Tell. The soldier, currently stationed in Afghanistan, had originally submitted a question before the policy was repealed that had his face blurred. They asked him to resubmit it once the policy was over so they could show his face and he complied. That's one brave soldier.

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After cheering capital punishment and calling for the uninsured to die this didn't surprise me one bit.

I was surprised they didn't ask Johnson about marriage equality. I guess FOX actually wanted to give him a chance. lol

Laurie Edwards | September 23, 2011 9:07 AM

I'm surprised the moderator didn't follow up this soldier's question with one directed toward Jon Huntsman, the sole GOP candidate who's willing to even consider domestic unions or marriage equality. As for those worthless audience members who booed the soldier's question: I wonder if they mind he's over there doing his best for them. (No opinion being offered here about the war itself, only that he's doing what he does for what he and they think is their benefit.) Beyond that, the kind of crowd that would shout out that an uninsured man should die if he gets sick could be expected to boo a gay soldier asking for candidates' views on the repeal of DADT.

You forgot about Gary Johnson. He also approves of the DADT appeal. His stance on gay marriage toes a strange line though. He rejected the anti-gay marriage pledge, he thinks the government shouldn't be involved in marriage, and goes farther than Ron Paul to say he has no objections to gay marriage and that he supports civil unions.