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Hell No, I Won't Go: I Bleed Carolina Blue

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This week, Durham, North Carolina blogger Pam Spaulding asked, "Should I stay or should I go?"

Her question was made in response to this week's legislative approval of an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment that would ban marriage, civil unions and domestic partnership recognition for same-sex couples. The amendment will appear on the May 2012 ballot. If approved by the majority of voters, the discriminatory measure will be enshrined in the North Carolina Constitution.

A frank moment: Quietly and to myself only, I asked the same question Pam did. And, I felt shamed and downright horrible inside. It was the first time I'd ever, even in the slightest, been ashamed of my home, the Old North State. Yeah, there's been plenty of times I've dreamed of leaving home. Each time, however, was on a positive note: One day, perhaps, I'll move to D.C. or New York and get a great job for an advocacy group. Or, maybe one day, perhaps, I'll have the chance to study abroad. But, this week was different. For the first ever time in my life, I contemplated the possibility of leaving North Carolina because I no longer felt welcome.

Ultimately, Pam came to her own conclusion: Hell no, I'm not leaving, you bastards.

And, so I, too, make the same declaration: I absolutely refuse to be ashamed of my home, my history and my future. North Carolina is my home. I am a Tar Heel, and, dammit, I'm gonna act like one. I'm staying put, stuck to and holding my ground. Esse quam videri, bastards. This is what REAL North Carolinians are made of.

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Loved the Boondocks song!

I appreciate your choice. Each to their own calling.I am a native Virginian and I am finally so leaving this commonwealth. I am embarrassed for our state and many elected leaders.
There is a big, wide world out there. Why stay and bang our heads against a wall, trying to make a dent? That hurts. Life is short. We can choose to live where there is considerably more grace and understanding. We can use our talents and time in other ways besides staying and fighting. I am 52, my partner is 62. We came out when we found our love just a few years ago. Many battles have already been fought. Time to live.