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Hooters: We Love 9/11 Victims

Filed By Bil Browning | September 13, 2011 7:00 PM | comments

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Good Lord... Hang on to your chair when you watch this eye-popping 9/11 "tribute" produced by your friendly local breast and wings shack. Because, you know, without flagrant exploitation of a tragedy for marketing purposes, the terrorists win. Or something.

In America, this is what amounts to building goodwill and honoring the dead. Spouting pablum in videos filled with images that suit the target demographic while pushing the dead who are supposedly being honored completely out of sight and mind.

I don't know why this idea sounds familiar...

God bless America, Hooters girls. Keep the faith.

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JFCOAC, that's about as insulting and degrading and idiotic an attempt as I can imagine, and yet if my experience a great many years ago has any bearing on the way things are today, it probably means that they will get more business from the troops.

That's not only disgusting, it evokes words that common courtesy pevents me from using in a public space (not that I usually succumb to such, mind you, especially here, but the phrases and words that come to mind are beyond even my levels of acceptability.

I will note the apparently only support the male troops.