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Jay Leno vs Michelle Bachmann

Filed By Bil Browning | September 20, 2011 7:45 AM | comments

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I can't believe I missed Michelle Bachmann's appearance on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno's quiet confrontation with the rightwing princess over marriage equality and her ex-gay therapy clinic. Why didn't any of you point this one out? *grins*

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I like how her attempt at turning it into a joke totally fell flat.

The thing that bothers me far more than the hate is the hypocrisy. If you hate gay ppl, trans ppl, POC, women who want control of their own lives and bodies, please just say so. Clearly. Then the world can judge whether to support you or not. But this crap about dog-whisles and misdirection is just that, crap. Own your beliefs, for better or for worse. Be honest and genuine. I feel it is sneaky and dishonest to make veiled attacks against ppl (which is why I have such a hard time letting it slide when ppl do it here).

Someone needs to start a "Pray Away the Hypocrisy" clinic...

Carol is right,Jay N. is right. If you "hate" someone and want to deny OUR rights, say so. Don't make jokes about "Pray away the grey". I predict her 15 minutes is almost over.

I sure hope your prediction about her 15 minutes of fame is coming to an end comes true, people like this (bigoted hypocrite's) who are in a governmental position's are Very dangerous