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K-Y to Launch National Lesbian Commercial

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Yesterday I got a press release from a publicist promoting a new product aimed at women. The company will start airing the commercial featuring a lesbian couple nationwide on September 5. They also offered to send me a free sample for "any female friends or colleagues." Any takers? We're all amongst friends here, right?

Leave a comment below if you want a sample and are willing to write something short about your experience. I'll compile all the responses together into one post. Product details are after the break.

Be safe. Don't leave a comment with your address in it. If you have a Bilerico account I can e-mail you directly for the information. If you're a Facebook user, make sure I can message you there.

K-Y INTENSE is different than any K-Y Brand product. It's not a personal lubricant--it is a female arousal gel scientifically shown to enhance female pleasure, arousal and satisfaction during intimacy. In fact, 75% of women in consumer studies experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity...where it counts most. And of those women, 90% reported INTENSE bettered the overall experience for the couple, which is what K-Y is all about.

Especially in these times of high-stress, it is so important for couples to find ways to reconnect and too often women neglect their intimate health as they balance their jobs, families and lives. With INTENSE, K-Y Brand hopes to emphasize that women need to take time for themselves and make their intimate health a priority.

The first and only female arousal gel from K-Y, the #1 doctor-recommended brand.

  • Creates a rush of pleasure and increased female sensitivity
  • Helps women reach their peak of sexual pleasure more quickly
  • Pump dispenser allows for easy, non-messy application
  • Packaging includes a designer pouch for discreet storage
  • Allergy tested, hormone and paraben-free
  • Approximately 20 uses per bottle

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The wife-to-be and I talked it over, and we'd love to try!

I would love to try this. I think its a wonderful idea and about time someone thought of it :)

I saw this on another site last night, is awesome! I love that some companies are advertising to gay folks, esp when their ads just accept gays as normal. For example, the str8 K-Y ads for this use normal-looking ppl, in everyday settings, and the lesbian ad does just the same. Progressive is another good one for this, I think.

Of course, they prolly will only run these in certain markets, and they prolly will get hate mail, but really acceptance of gay, lesbian, bi, and trans ppl (and I do mean all these groups, the hatefest toward Chaz Bono notwithstanding) is going to happen whether the religious ppl like it or not.

Sorry folks, the PR rep has written to say that they can't send bottles out to everyone who might want one. I'll see if the three folks who responded can get one and write us a combo post about it.

My fiancee and I are interested.