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Maggie Gallagher Attends Prop 8 Play Reading

Filed By Bil Browning | September 20, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Looks like National Organization for Marriage board chair Maggie Gallagher can't get enough of herself. The anti-gay mouthpiece was spotted in the audience maggie-gallagher-at-8.jpgat the reading of Dustin Lance Black's "8" - a dramatization of the Prop 8 trial. Gallagher played a central role in the proceedings; her character was played by Jayne Houdyshell.

Andy Towle reports:

So what could Gallagher have hoped to glean from her perch in the balcony? Perhaps she was finally enlightened last night, that her mission is flawed and hateful, that it is futile, that what she has been working for for years destroys families, hurts children, and is ultimately un-American?

I fear that she did not. I fear that what was behind her motivation to sit there and watch her words come out of Houdyshell's mouth was some sort of ego stroke, a pat on the back, a motivational fuel for her anti-gay engine.

Afterward, she certainly seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting just outside the theatre, even though much of it was negative.

(Photo credit: Josh Meltzer for Towleroad)

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While MAggie may heve been there to feed her ego, it is entirelypossible that she had a more sinister intent - to cause an incident.

The TowleRoad report indicates that she showed up at the theatre with a large plastic bag of very loud food, which she devoured ruddely and eagerly throughout the performance. It is likely that she was looking for a confrontation, either with a theater usher or manager who might have ejected her for her rude performance from the seats, or from patrons in the seats around her. HAd an incident occurred, the NOM blog and tweets would have been working overtime with how unsafe it is for poor Maggie among the militant bloodthirsty gay oppressors.

Instead, all she dis was make a fool of herself.

In fact, photos of her attendance at the event could be used as proof that she supports marriage equality - after all, the event was a fundraiser for AFER, and I am sure that she wasn't comped with a ticket by the organizers - so it's likely that either she (or more likely, NOM) shelled out the money for her ticket - marking the very first time that either Maggie or NOM actually spent a dime in *suupport* of marriage.