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Major Changes to Star Wars Blue Ray Edition

Filed By Bil Browning | September 03, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: funny video, George Lucas, Jabba the Hut, Star Wars

The Nerdist alerts us to still more changes to Star Wars by George Lucas. The new blue ray edition has been dramatically changed. Check out this scene with Jabba the Hut. (Hat tip to Jerame, my lovable nerd.)

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Oooohhhh! ... George Lucas got flack for the way Jar-Jar Binks walked (some said Jar-Jar's syncopative bouncing gait was a satire of a Black swagger) and now he is taking on hard-core hip-hop.

I hope they drop the flack this time, because this fits so well and I can hardly imagine it being executed much better! Kudos for George Lucas!

After several viewings, there is one thing I'd change -- listen carefully to the lyrics and you'll get that the rapper is singing about how he loves women with big butts.

First, I don't know if parents will like this rather adult innuendo in what is supposed to be a "family-friendly" epic, and ...

My second point is obvious ... the dancer needs to have a bigger butt! .. And since we are dealing with extraterrestrial creatures, consider the possibilities!