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MS Teen Indicted for Hate Crime Murder

Filed By Bil Browning | September 21, 2011 2:00 PM | comments

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White Mississippi teen Deryl Dedmon, 19, has been indicted on capital murder and hate crime charges for killing an African-American man by deryl-dedmon.jpgrunning over him with his truck. The victim was severely beaten before being killed. One of the teens supposedly yelled, "White power!" during the attack.

Authorities say seven white teenagers were partying in Rankin County the night of Anderson's death when Dedmon suggested they go find a black man to "mess with."

Detective Eric Smith testified at a hearing in July that Dedmon had been robbed in the weeks before Anderson's death and that he was looking for "some sort of revenge," though there was no evidence Anderson was responsible for the robbery.

Prosecutors say seven teenagers loaded up in two cars and headed for nearby Jackson where they found Anderson in a hotel parking lot on Ellis Avenue.

Dedmon and another teen allegedly beat Anderson before Dedmon jumped in a green Ford F-250 and ran over the dazed man. Authorities say Demon also robbed Anderson, but they haven't said what he took.

Authorities said Dedmon later bragged that he had run over Anderson, using a racial slur to describe him.

This crime gained national notoriety after video of the attack showing Anderson being run over was released to the media. The video (and an update about the charges) is after the break. Be warned: It is very graphic.

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Rachel Bellum | September 21, 2011 10:17 PM

It's hard to understand how a group of people can lack the moral insight which would prohibit them from engaging in such behavior.

I'm familiar with the psychological theories which apply. They do not make the behavior any easier to understand.

I know sometimes there's several of my friends here to don't like the death penalty.
But really, there ARE killers who are quite deserving and doubt of their crime isn't an issue.
Such as in the case of those who killed Matt Shepard, or THIS case or James Byrd.
Or in the case of parents who kill their children, like Susan Smith.
Be careful what you wish for.
The families of victims go on suffering and dangerous criminals don't stop being dangerous for serving behind bars.

Correct me if I've got the wrong guy, but I've heard some sources saying that, while the crime was racially motivated, the victim also left behind a male partner of 20 years and an adopted daughter. It's not believed that the attack was in any way fueled by the sexual orientation of the victim at this time, however.

Forget where I heard that recently but if it's true then that would possibly be of interest to this readership.

I'm all for the death penalty in clear cut cases of grotesque, SICK behavior as this and especially James Byrd's executioners, but it's got to be the same punishment as the perp gave to his/her victim. Lethal injection is too easy a way out! But on the other hand, I think a more fitting punishment would be to get a life sentence in a prison where there are plenty of African-American men more than happy to assist with his punishment! Enjoy your pathetic life, Deryl!