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So Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

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We've all heard the joke about reporters asking politicians, "So, do you still beat your wife?" For once, this seems to be an Stephen-Goldsmith.jpgaccurate question to ask.

Former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith moved to Washington DC after leaving office although he served as an advisor to current Indy Mayor Greg Ballard for a short while. Soon after NYC Mayor Bloomburg hired Goldsmith as a Deputy Mayor in charge of operations. Goldsmith was highly criticized for his bungling of the recent blizzard that struck New York and resigned abruptly in early August with no reason given to the press for his departure.

Now the details have started to leak out. Goldsmith spent two days in a DC jail for domestic abuse after attacking his wife at their Georgetown mansion. Prosecutors declined to press the case after Mrs. Goldsmith refused to press charges.

Both now say it was a "misunderstanding" but the police report says otherwise. The lurid details are after the break.

The shocking report describes in dramatic detail how a "verbal altercation" between the former Indianapolis mayor, 64, and his wife in their ritzy house turned ugly at around 11:30 p.m. July 30.

"I should have put a bullet through you years ago!" Margaret, 59, allegedly told Goldsmith, the report revealed.

Stephen Goldsmith then "shoved [Margaret into] the kitchen counter," according to the report.

"You're not going to do this to me again, I'm calling the police," Margaret responded, the report said.

Goldsmith "then grabbed the phone from her hands and threw it onto the ground, breaking the phone. He then grabbed [Margaret] and refused to let her go."

Mrs. Goldsmith eventually escaped by scratching the former mayor and retreating to another room where she was able to call the police.

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First off, this guy is an ass for attacking his wife. I just want to throw that out there. Second, the guy is a Republican which means that he is probably not fond of us, and that is not cool. So, those two points being articulated: here goes nothing!

Stephen Goldsmith did a lot of wonderful things during his time as mayor of Indianapolis. His possible ideas concerning equality may or may not be up to par, he seemed like a politician who actually wanted to be in office to do good things for his community, and it's a shame that he has to have his mistakes put under a microscope with no mention of his time as the Indianapolis mayor. Now, if there is more to the story of him saving the city of Indianapolis a shit-ton of money, cutting taxes, and revitalizing down-trodden areas of the city, by all means fill me in.

Once again, this guy is an ass for attacking his woman, but we have to think: what if everyone viewed us only under a lens that magnified our mistakes? Honestly, after some brief research, I was pretty impressed with the guy, and outside of the domestic dispute, I think we need some more people like him in office.

No need to use a headline that has no relation to the facts as presented in your recounting of this news item. There is no allegation (yet) that he beat her in this instance or previously in their marriage, is there?

The most curious part of this story so far for me was that a person of his stature cooled his heels for two days in the slammer. Maybe it was due to the arrest being on Saturday. Still, you'd think his (now) supportive wife or an acquaintance would have shown up with bail money quickly.

There've been plenty of allegations through the years while he was mayor of Indy, Om. From an Indianapolis blog also covering the story:

There have been rumors of this sort about Goldsmith for years. A number of friends of his ex-wife have recounted tales of domestic violence during his first marriage. The news media in Indianapolis, particularly the Star, always guarded Goldsmith from those damning allegations after he married Margaret, a member of the Pulliam family that formerly owned the Star before selling the family's newspaper fortune to Gannett.

Christina, Steve Goldsmith has been trying to distance himself from his time from Indianapolis since the day he left office. He did his best to drown out moderate Republicans in town, including his predecessor, Republican Mayor Bill Hudnut, and made sure they have as little influence as possible.

While the Goldsmith's can act with the public denial, it only really confirms the suspicions many Indianapolis residents have had of him for a long time.