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The 32nd Day: Reader Opinion Thread

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If you've been following along for the past month, you know I've been sharing a photo and then writing the backstory about it as preparation for writing a book of short autobiographical sketches. Thirty-two.jpgNow I need your help.

Some of the stories were told in different styles. Some had time limits set on how long I could spend writing them (from 15 minutes to an hour on deadline). Some I made the photo the star while others focused on the story. All in all, it was a great experience and I'm glad I did it, but I'd like your opinion on how well I did.

I thought some of the stories were pretty good, but others just didn't satisfy me. I'm curious what your thoughts were on them. Did you have any favorites? Were there some you didn't like? Any constructive criticism on how to improve some of them? I'm all ears and would appreciate any feedback.

My favorites? How to Make a Dog Fly and Thirteen Years to Mt. Vernon. What do you think?

The complete list of the posts is after the break.

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Rachel Bellum | September 15, 2011 10:27 PM

To be fair I missed some of them, but here are some brief (really brief) thoughts:

I don't normally enjoy childhood stories, but My Chipmunk Friend did appeal to me so something must be right about it. I really liked the description of your night with Jillian at In&Out but that clearly builds upon how impressed I've been with her contributions to this site. I think my personal top three would be The Boyfriend Who...; Big Man, Bigger Woman; and Thirteen Years to... There may be some kind of theme to those choices. ;)

Of those I think I was impressed the most by The Boyfriend Who Came Back from the Dead. There was a lot of depth, a storyline that would be over the top if fictional, interesting self-examination, and a lot of bravery displayed simply in telling it.

I think the ones I liked best were The Boyfriend who... Big Man, Bigger Woman, One Dog Soccer, When Organized Labor... and How to Make a Dog Fly. All for different reasons, but the ones I liked most all seemed to be ones where you had more of a personal connection to the story regardless of any time constraints you placed on yourself for writing the story.