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The Campaign to Outlaw Religion

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Australian TV show Gruen Transfer asks ad agencies to create campaigns based off incredibly unpopular ideas and sell them to the general public. A panel of judges weighs the presentations and crowns the winner. The show recently asked contestants to create a campaign advocating the outlaw of all religions. All the agencies dropped out except two. (Hat tip)

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I loved this! I encourage everyone with strong views about religion -- pro or con -- to watch!

I don't want to discuss the video because I don't want to deliver a "spoiler" to readers of this comment who haven't watched yet -- but I will say that, as theist as I now am, the two advertising videos hit doubts that already exist within me like a strongman's mightily-swung sledgehammer hitting the head of a railroad spike. The two ad-men identified two of the most troubling Achilles' Heels of religion.

Although I find theism compelling, there is still an atheist alive inside me. I have come to the point of believing in God according to this brief manifesto:

"God does not exist the way that you and I exist. He only exists in a different sense. Of course, God exists as an idea in the mind of humanity. But closer to the crux of the issue, there is a consistency to truths in the Universe (although some of these truths, such as the Theory of Relativity, are not intuitive, and odd in relation to our mundane experience). And because of this complex web of consistent, correlating underlying truths, thus God is a useful concept."

One of my new personal correlating truths is, "God and Science do not contradict each other. If they appear to, then your science is wrong or your religion is wrong, or maybe your understanding has to take place at a deeper level -- or any combination of the three."

One thing is clear: Humanity developed religions to explain troubling mysteries that we found uncomfortable to live with. The interesting thing is not how different various religions are, but how similar they are.

Actually I look at it from the other side as an atheist and for me the first ad was much more compelling than the second ad and is where I stand more as an atheist. One of my favorite quotes especially to Christians is "I am an atheist just like you I just believe in one less God."

The word "religion" comes from the root that means "to rely." Basically anything you rely on is a part of your religion. I think the problem is not with all religion, but rather with organized fundamentalist religions. While it is true that religion has been the leading cause of war, it is equally true that religion brought us the Golden Rule, a principle found in all the world's religions. To ban religion just because some do evil in it's name would be like banning breathing just because some people smoke.