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Spanish Agriculture Minister Gets Naked

Filed By Bil Browning | October 15, 2011 12:00 PM | comments

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Ever wanted to see Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsak naked? grenada.jpgYeah, me either. Thankfully Spain has taken the pressure off of Vilsak with a cheeky ad campaign featuring Nicolás Chica, Secretary General of the Union for Small Farmers and Ranchers in Granada. The Spanish agricultural bureaucrat is much better looking than Vilsak, so we've definitely got a much better selection.

The ads show a naked Chica surrounded by fruits and vegetables as he extolls the virtues of Spanish produce. In the print ad, Chica bites into a watermelon while shining his booty up at us with the words, "Consuming the fruits and vegetables of Spain is...Natural. And those of Granada are exceptional."

Maybe the US has so many chemicals and growth hormones and genetic splicing going on that Vilsak didn't feel comfortable posing without a cockring, a leather harness, and one of those ball gags. Natural? Who needs it? We've got other helpmates in the good old US of A!

After the break is the commercial airing on Spanish TV currently. Yes, he's still naked.

(Hat tip to Queerty. Yes, you can clickety to embiggen.)

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Things like this do pop up occasionally ...

Former US Secretary of Labor Robery Reich posed nude for a charity calendar in 2004:

Of course, nude photos of former CA Governor Arnold are all over the Internet, and in the '80's Steve Schulte [NSFW] showed us that being a former Colt model does not disqualify one from becoming mayor of West Hollywood.

I believe I remember hearing that a former prostitute was once elected to the Italian parliament; her nude photos were ubiquitous throughout the country, and she was noteworthy for offering to make love to Saddam Hussein if only he would withdraw from Kuwait and destroy all his country's WMD. Or something like that.

Om Kalthoum | October 15, 2011 3:49 PM

Well, I would have been more pleased if the ad had featured a chica, not a Chica.