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Cain: Defending Gay Soldier Would Have Been 'Appropriate'

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What in the hell happened to the party of God and guns? While the Democrats have been repeatedly hitting the GOP presidential candidates' lack of rebuke for a debate crowd that booed a gay soldier asking a question about Don't Ask Don't Tell, so far only a small handful have actually admitted they should have defended the military man.

The latest to offer up a half-hearted mea culpa is Herman Cain, telling ABC's This Week:

"In retrospect, because of the controversy it has created and because of the different interpretations that it could have had, yes, that probably - that would have been appropriate," Cain said, when asked if he should have asked the audience to respect the soldier.

Cain said it wasn't immediately clear to him what had drawn the audience's scorn, adding, "I happen to think that maybe they were booing the whole 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal more so than booing that soldier."

Separately, former presidential candidate and Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal foe, John McCain, told CBS's Face the Nation, "The fact is we should honor every man and woman who is serving in the military and should in no way treat them with anything but the highest regard. I would bet that every Republican on that stage did not agree with that kind of behavior."

So far only debate participants John Huntsman, Gary Johnson, and Rick Santorum have apologized. Frontrunners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have remained noticeably silent. Apparently they can't even muster up the fortitude to admit it wasn't "appropriate."

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All this shoulda, coulda, woulda doesn't mean anything from these people. They're just words that have no meaning because there aren't any actions behind them! Plain and simple it was a opportunity for the world to see these people showing their true colors. Just like when they cheered Perry's high execution rate and a man dying without insurance. What's really frustrating about this is how the useless MSM let them get away with it.