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Gingrich & Soldier Display Lack of Military Knowledge

Filed By Bil Browning | October 05, 2011 9:15 AM | comments

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I'm not sure who's the bigger ass in this video, Newt Gingrich or the hard right soldier asking him Don't Ask Don't Tell and complaining he had to spend three hours getting training because he was ordered to do so by his superiors.

Isn't that the point of the military? Doing as you're told without question to make your until a cohesive fighting unit?

Doesn't a good commander support all of his troops? Isn't a sign of poor leadership when the chief waffles back and forth overturning previous decisions and causing confusion in the ranks?

For a bunch of military-loving, gun-toting patriots, they don't seem to know much about military tactics, do they?

(Hat tip to Think Progress)

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??? First of all, the shrub can call 1-800-WHAAAAAA!You really think he missed fighting anyone for 3 hours? BULLSHIT! His ass was happy he was in the fence line same as all the other shrubs!
Crying because of just 3 hours of training? 3 hours? 3fuckinghours!

Pa-Lease! I had over 4,000 hours of training before I ever got to actually DO something more than clean shitters and polish floors. We held training every week for 2 hours minimum with another 6 mandatroy OJT hours. We held monthly and quarterly training of 4 to 8 hours for 'General Military Training' which is what that 3 measly hours were. The shrub can step...oh wait, he already has. Poor baby, boohoo. Go home.

As for Newt, he's either clueless or just plain stupid to think that being President ISN'T political to start with.
But then again I don't think he's quite grasped that his run was over when his election team quit 2 months ago.