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Horrific Killing of Scottish Gay Man

Filed By Bil Browning | October 24, 2011 12:00 PM | comments

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The horrific murder of Scottish man Stuart Walker, Stuart-Walker-001.jpg28, has shocked the town of Cumnock.

A murder investigation has been launched after a man's body was discovered with what police described as "horrible injuries" on an industrial estate in Scotland.
The Sunday Mail newspaper in Scotland quoted one local resident as saying: "There was a disturbance last night in the town near the industrial estate involving young people and this could be linked to this man's death. We have been told that the victim was tied to a lamp-post and then they tried to set him on fire.

"Some people are saying that they managed to burn him but not completely - and that he may have been beaten to death."

Burned alive, beaten to death, and tied to a lampost? It's shades of Matthew Sheppard all over again.

May God have mercy on his soul and vengeance for his killer(s).

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The article you linked to makes no mention that the dead man was gay. Could you please provide a source for this assertion? Thanks.

Om I found another online article that speculates his murder might have been related to his sexuality but it doesn't outright state he was gay.

Om Kalthoum | October 24, 2011 1:35 PM

Thanks for the link, Deena. Yes, "sexuality" here is probably dog whistle for "gay."

My never-ending exasperation with bloggers is never with opinions or speculations, so stated. It is when people post stuff (aside from sky/blue or water/wet) as facts with no reference to where they came up with this information.

Dammit. I thought that one did. I read four articles about it this morning and linked the last one.

Here's another story from the Daily Mail: Savagely beaten, tied to a lamppost and burned alive: Horrific fate of hotel manager who was murdered 'for being gay'

Om Kalthoum | October 24, 2011 6:52 PM

Thank you, Bil.

I used to think a lot about how wonderful it would be to go to Europe to find a more accepting (or at least tolerant) place than the US. Then, after reading so many articles about rabid anti-gay and anti-trans actions there, I finally realized that prolly no such place exists. It is horrible and pathetic that the ppl involved would treat another human being like this, and just sad that this is the kind of world we live in.

And of course, we know what's coming, right? A bunch of stuff about 'gay panic'. It's like beating and burning this poor guy all over again, and the rest of the gay community with him. Disgusting.

wow... I still remember when I was a kid in the south back in the 60's the sight of a black man who was beaten, hung and then and burnt as a warning to other blacks...

People keep saying that the Civil Rights era was only for people of color and the GLBT's use of any of that is wrong, that its not the same.

A person beaten to death, hung and burnt as a warning to others.
My inner 6 year old still says that its the same thing for the same reasons. Haters gonna hate and are willing to do evil things to show us all how well they hate.
I wish Dr. King were still around.


Indeed Gina. Absolutely. What I work hard to emphasize over and over is that we're not comparing ATTRIBUTES regarding the difference between color and sexual orientation.
We are comparing the social and political injustice. The casual and brutal street violence and the dehumanizing effect on gay lives.

We can also compare the myths, sensationalizing and fear inducing paranoia around gay sexuality as with black male sexuality.
Black men were so casually lynched because the preoccupation whites had was with black sex and sexuality.
During the early 40's, a Swedish economist named Gunnar Myrdahl wrote a famous study on the persistence of Jim Crow and it's enforcement. It was called "The American Dilemma".
When whites were interviewed, all they could talk about was black's sexual immorality, threat and predatory nature.
When blacks were interviewed, their concern was equal access to public facilities, education, jobs and justice for whatever violation they suffered. They also feared repercussions and violence from whites.

Is all this familiar too?
I was not at all surprised at these legitimate historical parallels.
I am however dismayed at how quickly some black people want to dismiss, and deny them.
Well, I'm a straight black woman that can see these common threads with gay folks quite clearly.

Perhaps the difference here in the killing of this young man, was that the event wasn't treated like a circus to be enjoyed by entire families. Those pictures from a lynching during Jim Crow of men with their wives and children grinning, and taking trophies from the bodies of their kill in triumph.
The perps tortured this man, and violated him monstrously. And perhaps it's progress that good people would see it that way and will commit to due justice for it.

It's still so incredibly perverse that those who did this act, consider themselves better people than their victim.

This story just makes me ache inside and squirm. I hated reading it but it needs to be heard, I have re-tweeted it several times. I just can't believe some of the things human beings do to each other and animals on a daily bais. Dark energy sucking force out there.