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Media Relies on Tony Perkins for 'Conservative' Viewpoint

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PerkinsGageSkidmore.jpgIt probably comes as no surprise, but the mainstream media is continuing to treat ultra conservatives as representatives for conservative perspectives, an important element of the trend of right-washing in mainstream television news.

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, the organization that's been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been popping up all over network news - from Fox News to CNN to MSNBC - to promulgate his anti-gay views, reinforce the notion that to be conservative you must be anti-gay, and use the LGBT community as a scapegoat for the country's economic issues.

Media Matters has released a new alert about Perkins' presence on television.

According to the organization, Perkins' appearances on each network are incredibly similar, with several key patterns:

  • The host fails to acknowledge Perkins as the leader of an anti-gay hate group Perkins is allowed to speak generally about what social conservatives want from a candidate
  • Perkins attempts to link same-sex marriage to the bad economy
  • The host asks Perkins which candidate his group will endorse
  • Perkins pitches his Values Voter Summit (three times in less than ten minutes during a recent Hannity segment)
  • The segment ends without a mention of Perkin's history of anti-gay extremism or ties to white supremacists

The mainstream news media may be a failure, but to deny its power and reach would be foolish. Every time Tony Perkins appears on network TV, he - not to mention the Family Research Council - is legitimatized as a rational, reasonable person who simply has his own opinion instead of being condemned as a hate group.

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And all the while Perkins complains of being silenced. If he's not invited to EVERY media venue he wants to be on, he claims that militant homosexuals have intimidated someone into keeping him from being there, or that it's a restriction of his religious rights when it happens.

He's so beyond gutless and tiresome. Seriously. Someone who shouldn't be holding public office at all, let alone the highest one we have.

The fact that Perkins is allowed to go on the air without any mention of the FRC being a listed hate group or his ties to white supremacists represents a major dereliction of duty on the part of reporters.

I don't think it's so much a trend of "right-washing" as much as it is laziness and "dumbing down," which is especially bad in TV news. Every issue is always presented as "Here's the topic, ladies and gentlemen. Now, we'll bring on Right-Wing Blowhard and Left-Wing Blowhard to scream at each other."