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Photos: Occupy DC

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Jillian Weiss is staying at Rancho Bilerico this weekend as we work on where we want to take Bilerico Project, but Jerame, Jill and I found time yesterday to wander down to the Occupy DC protest and check things out for a bit. IMG_3030.JPGThe group is split into two areas, Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square park.

Neither group is very big; I was shocked at how small it actually was. Maybe it's because I've seen the news footage of all the folks in New York, but I expected to see tons of people protesting the way the government has looked the other way while corporations and the rich fuck over the middle and lower class (or in some cases colluded with the bankers). The three of us had turned on FOX news for a hot minute earlier in the day and watched as some paid pontificator proclaimed that protestors shouldn't be on Wall Street, they should be in front of the White House and Congress; in reality, they should be in all of those places, but the sheer lack of numbers at Occupy DC is shocking.

I snapped some photos that are in a slideshow after the break. The photo that most stands out to me was this one. I watched as an older African-American homeless man walked unnoticed through the crowd of mostly white and younger dissidents. No one spoke to him as he wandered through looking longingly at the not-so-inexpensive tents and sleeping bags. You can clickety to embiggen.

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Thanks for sharing the photos. One clarification: Occupy DC in McPherson Square is not related to the October 2011/Stop the Machine group located in Freedom Plaza. See for information.