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You Were a Little Hard on the Beaver Last Night

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"Gone are the days of Brady Brunch families and June Cleaver-style households; they have morphed into ABC's "Modern Family" - a show promoted as 'redefining what family means,' and portrayed as "one big straight-gay, multicultural, traditional, happy family." Hence, every day it seems, a new tide of case studies surfaces on the shores of our Hollywood-esque world of hook-ups, shack-ups, babydaddys, and babymommas, attempting to prove how "liberated" we are, unbound by the shackles of tradition."

-- Concerned Women for American blogger Dr. Janet Shaw Crouse on the decline of something or other. Blame it on the Beaver.

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The original article makes literally no point other than "Marriage is important. . .because it is," not unlike Eddie Izzard's "kid logic:"

And actually you can get away with anything! I mean, John Major got away with a very good one just recently, he was talking about civil service, and there was a reporter that came out saying it was very wasteful or whatever, and Major said, “If you don’t think that civil service is the best in the world… then you should!” Kind of a dodgy argument there, you know… “Then you should.” I remember when I was five, going, “You smell… ‘cause you do! You’re a tree… ‘cause you are!” (rolling eyes) “Then you should!”

Her point is lost entirely, because all she seems to say is "If you don't think that marriage is important. . .then you should." "Because someone did a study. . .and it is."

She cites some kind of research that says that married people live longer than non-marrieds. . .But her claim isn't substantiated even with a link to said research, nor does she cite her source. And nowhere does that citation mention how many of the non-married respondents were in committed loving relationships. I understand that blog posts aren't scientific journals, but what, exactly, is the lack of marriage doing to our society? She doesn't really touch on that either. Altogether a fairly lame post that says almost nothing.

TV has been showing us different families for years! Different Strokes, Kate and Allie, and The Jeffersons for a start. Thanks to Netflix I have been able to watch a ton of old TV shows and I myself amazed at the social commentary that was pumped into sitcoms. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We got over the divorced women with kids who fell in love with a man of a different faith and color. Now is the time for LGBT families!