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Zzzzzzz: New Maine Marriage Ad

Filed By Bil Browning | October 29, 2011 9:53 AM | comments

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Wake me up when this boring ad featuring a minister and his wife is over. Yet another bland and boring ad for marriage equality that's ashamed to even feature an LGBT person. When will the movement realize these boring-ass say-nothing commercials don't do jack diddly squat for us? Zzzzzzz.

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I love this blog, primarily because of the insightful political and social commentary. This post is different from a lot of the blog, however, in that it leaves a lot of the story out and jumps right to a judgment. I'd like to know more about how the sponsors are going to use this ad before I judge it. Who are they trying to convince? Where will it appear? If this is playing during a prime time action series on TV, then I think they are way off-base. If this is being marketed to my grandmother during a re-run of "Highway to Heaven," then it might just work.

We ask gay celebrities to come out so that they can be role models. It seems like gay people might not be the only people who need role models when they are going against ideas that their community leaders say are wrong. I see this in my own family. When my parents spend too much time around their conservative friends, they are far less accepting of me and my partner. They are much more accepting after getting support from people like them who see the value in our relationship.

If you look at who votes in elections, it's primarily old people. I also remember hearing that Maine is very Catholic, which is a group where the church is anti-gay but the membership is usually less conservative. Is it so terrible to try to appeal to them and provide them with a role model? Of course, if they are not using the ad in this way, then they definitely deserve criticism. I just don't want to judge until I know how it is being used. Is that information available?

Yinzer has a point and maybe this ad was made to target the older crowd. My problem is most of the ads are just as bad and do not target the young people who need to vote. Yes we need to change the hearts and minds of everyone around us but the kids are good with the LGBTs and need to vote for us. I have seen anti-bulling/diversity ads for the younger crowd and boring stuff for the older folks. How about something to get the 18 to 25 year olds off their butts and go vote.
I would also like to see ANY ad on my TV. If it was not for the internet, I would not know there was any ads out there.Good or bad.