Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

Cheesecake Under Construction: Photo Series

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | November 04, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Tags: gay hunks, gender politics, male pinup, sexual politics

Fun art series of manipulated photos of men assuming typical pin-up poses. I still can't decide if it's ridiculously sexy or just ridiculous.

See 'em all at Peta Pixel

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Is it camp? ... or is it kitsch?

Thanks for the laugh to start my day, Gloria. Once I got to the full set on Flikr (see: I had to give the artist, Rion Sabean, credit for doing such a satirically funny set. The photo's are a grand send-up of the classic cheese cake poses, and a brilliant exposure of just how ridiculous they were - after all, think of the typical 40's or 50's pin-up and then look at the same poses performed by these men. It's hysterical and a pathetic comment on our culture all at the same time... did you know, Gloria, there's going to be a calendar? At first I almost spewed coffee out my nose laughing at the thought. Then I thought, "Why not? What a terrific way to start each day with a giggle." So I've pre-ordered mine, they ship around the end of this month. Anyone else who's interested can do so at the artist's Web site - - on Word Press.

Gloria, I side with ridiculous. Seems to reinforce old gay stereotypes.

I'm not sure I am too keen on this either.

Actually...this one's kinda' sexy. And he-men aren't really my guy-type.