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Depends on Whether or Not You Count Merab

Filed By Bil Browning | November 11, 2011 8:45 AM | comments

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"Marriage is not some prize that liberals can award to a small, vocal and already well-off special interest group. Marriage between one man and one woman was created prior to the formation of any governments and is given benefits by governments because it uniquely contributes to a productive society."

-- Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in a statement released after the Respect for Marriage Act passed a Senate committee. Perkins has apparently forgotten his Biblical history; perhaps someone should remind him that King David had at least 11 wives - 12 if you count Merab, who was given to David for killing Goliath. Jesus, who Perkins purports to worship, was supposedly a direct descendent of King David.

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Argumentation is, of course, a lot easier if you permit yourself to make things up as you go along.

It is bemusing to see an ad for World Vision next to this piece of Fundamentalist Christianist nonsense. As not enough people know, year after year World Vision gets about a quarter-BILLION dollars from the taxpayer to discriminate in hiring for federal programs on the basis of religion and sexual orientation. Not only does one have to be Christian, one has to be the right kind of Christian, to work on federal programs implemented by World Vision. At least a teeny sliver of it is going (I hope) to support Bilerico.