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Justifying Child Molestation

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"We were following exactly the national recommendations of the Boy Scouts of America and its board who set up the rules. You do not want to broadcast to the entire population that these things happen. You take care of it quietly and make sure it never happens again."

-- A. Buford Hill Jr., a former Orange County Scouting executive, in an article in the LA Times about the Boy Scout's almost century long protocol to cover up scout leaders who molested children under their care.

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Ugh. Just awful...

In the 1990s, the Scouts were taking their anti-gay case to the Supreme Court. When my sons expressed interest in Cub Scouts (I was an out, gay, noncustodial dad), other family members made sure the troop they joined was affiliated with an evangelical, anti-gay church. Doing so ensured my exclusion from all Scout activities except public events.

So, at that point, while top execs were spending millions arguing that gay scouts, leaders or parents would compromise the organization irreparably, they were also secretly managing the files of several thousand abusers who had compromised the lives of their scouts.

For a different example, let us look at the Girl Scouts. Lesbian scouts? Sure, okay. Lesbian scout troop leaders? No big deal. I guess females are just a better class of people. Or lesbians don't count. Or something.

For any of you disgusted by this story, follow the hyperlink to the original LA Times page (that is, the link in the original post that appears right above the jump) and read the unbelievable right-wingers defending the BSA for harboring child molesters and covering up the molestations ...

Absolutely.    Breathtakingly.    Unbelievable.

Fifteen minutes after I posted the above comment, I went back to the LA Times page, and it is now claimed that "Currently there are no comments. Be the first to comment!" ...

Ha! ... I swear that earlier there were over 390 comments ... and many of them were defending the BSA or saying things such as "This isn't the fault of the Boy Scouts, this is to be blamed on America swallowing 'the homosexual agenda' hook, line, and sinker!" ...

I wonder who controlling the LA Times website has the God-button that makes all those comments go away? ... And why? ...

OK, OK ... go ahead and try to post the first comment on the LA Times page ... suddenly on the next page, all those old comments are now viewable again.

I can't tell whether the folks running the LA times website are trying to be censors ... or whether they are trying to demonstrate how technically incompetent they are ...

Go figure.

"'This isn't the fault of the Boy Scouts, this is to be blamed on America swallowing 'the homosexual agenda' hook, line, and sinker!'"

Well, yes, of course, b/c you know all gay men are pedophiles, right!

And of course we hear the same disgusting things from the Catholic Church--the problem isn't the church covering up child molestation, it is gay priests! HOMOSEXUALITY! The root of all evil, it seems, though I'd as far as the Catholic Church goes, I'd pick the love of money and add the love of power.

Om Kalthoum | November 1, 2011 5:58 PM

I'd heard of the BSA "perv files", maybe from an article I read some where last year or so. But this LA Times piece is really good. Damning. Awful.