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Monica on the New Comment System [Comment of the Week]

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Over on my Thanksgiving Day post, "Grateful for Site Updates Today," Monica Helms weighed in our new commenting system. We've switched over to using Facebook Connect in to Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgmake things easier for moderators and lower the frequency of flame wars.

Monica Helms
You know what I find to be amazingly advantageous for this new set up. Your comments will appear on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see. If a person says nasty things on Bilerico about other people that they may not want their friends to read, there is no way of stopping it. Sure, you can delete a posting after the fact, but some friends will still read it first.

While technically you can uncheck the box to post the comment on your profile, Monica has hit upon one of the selling points that got us to switch to the new system. Apparently the vast majority of you approve - either by leaving a comment on the site or e-mailing me your thoughts privately.

Some of the other improvements we made over the holiday weekend include fixing the user icon problem (all the photos would disappear every time a post autopublished until someone manually rebuilt the site) and the return of our (improved) mobile site.

Anyone else have something to say about the new comments system? Other suggestions for improvement?

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