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Our Demigod?

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"Hell hath no spitfire like a lisping gay scorned, so it's no surprise today to see legions of gays angrily sassafrasshing and sashaying all around their demigod Joe My God in heated fury and trying to scratch the skin off GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain."

-- The opening paragraph of yet another fantastic parody of rightwing Christians on the site ChristWire.

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You know, with each passing year, I have a harder and harder time telling the parodies of right wing christian fundamentalism with the real fire and brimstone deal. I thought Glenn Beck for the longest time, was not a real conservative, but a brilliant Stephen Colbert-esqu parody of one. In my defence, I did not realise that he had his own show on Fox News, I just saw his books at the bookstore, so that's where the idea started.

As for Christwire, when I first came across the site I thought they were the real deal for sure.

I mean, what does that tell us then? I mean, I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent so why do I keep getting the parodies confused with the real right wingers? Is my intelligence actually a hindrence here, in that I see what is being written and cannot help but find it ludicrous and therefore automatically funny? I mean if I want to read something intelligent and more conservative than my world view, I'll skip right over anything related to Fox News and read Wendell Berry (who I highly recommend to anyone who's never heard of him by the way).

In any case, I can recall when my college campus was visited by a guy named Defario (for those who don't know him, think Fred Phelps, but not as well known) doing an anti-gay protest. Most people who saw him got mad and scramed and yelled and so on, naturally, at the kind of shit he was spewing. But me? I couldn't help but laugh at it. And I mean laugh hard as it was too ludicrous for me to get mad at the sheer ridiculousness of what he was saying.

In any case that's the question I wanted to ask, what does it tell us about the modern right wing movement when what they're preaching is pretty much self parody?