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Perry Challenges Pelosi to a Debate

Filed By Bil Browning | November 17, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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Nancy-Pelosi.jpgRick Perry continues his assault on Congress today by challenging Minority Leader (and former Speaker) Nancy Pelosi to a debate on his proposal to slash Congressmembers' salaries and make them part-time representatives. Why Congress? They're only the only group of politicians with lower poll numbers than him.

So how does a classy woman like Representative Pelosi respond? She laughs it off.

"He did ask if I could debate here in Washington on Monday, it is my understanding that such a letter has come in. Monday, I'm going to be in Portland in the morning, visiting some of our labs in California in the afternoon, that's two.... I can't remember what the third thing is," she said at her Thursday morning press conference to laughter.


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Interesting, Perry has a good idea, really? I mean, one wonders what would if Congress's pay was slashed and their benefits cut. And campaign finance reform instituted, and...

Well, not that this undoes any of the other crap he's put out there, but what was the saying about what happens when you throw enough mud at the wall?

OH yeah, elect him on that platform and sit back and watch a president who would do more fishing than legsilating.

I would never vote for him but the fact that this particular issue happened to be something I would support, is the reason I said what I said.

Why ask to debate Pelosi? Why not choose Vainer Boehner for the debate? He's the one who engineered the two-weeks-in-session-one-week-off joke.

Aubrey Haltom | November 18, 2011 8:03 AM

It's such a craven political ploy that it does make one smile.

Perry fails miserably at the Republican debates, so he plays to his base with this offer to debate Pelosi.

It's only right that she laughed it off, but it might have been interesting to see him put on the spot.

What I find so appropriate is that the term senior moment is rapidly being discarded for Perry moment in various media circles I have observed.
Let me think now .... there's television, the internet and and oh darn, what was the other one?